Now Or Never

I laid in my warm pink and gold coverd bed . I felt the hot rays of the Sun hit agaist my face . My eyes finally opend and I laid there smiling untill I seen his face about an inch away from mine . I could feel his warm breath agist my neck . " Declan ?" I asked . He pressed his soft lips onto mine . "Yes ," He said . " What are you doing here ?" I asked . " Vic , ive been here since two in the morning , we got drunk ? " He said grinning at me . "What !? " I yelled tugging on the blankets . "There's no way in hell I got drunk with you ! " I continued . "Babe , are you feeling okay ?"He asked . " Don't call me that ! Chad calls me that ! " I yelled in his face . " Chad ? Chad Scott ?"He rasied his voice a tad . " Yes ! Chad Scott , We've been together for a year now ! " I shot back at Declan . " Well , maybe its time for a break ?" He replyed  while kissing my neck . " No "  I whisperd . I saw Declan's hand moving up my shirt and I quickly slaped his hand "No ! " I yelled .  I quickly got out of my bed grabbing the blanket's as well  . " Look , I got to go , " I said picking up my red dress off the floor and slipping it on . I quickly left the house and hopped into my yellow Mustang . As I was driving my cellphone began to ring . The caller ID popped up as "Declan Chamberland" I threw the phone onto the passanger seat . After a few minutes of driving I finally arrived at Chad's house . I flew into his house and dove into his room . He was no where's to be seen .  I kept looking around the room untill i felt someone's arms wrap around my waist . I lifted my arm up and placed my hand onto there cheek ; Please let it be Chad , please let it be Chad . I kept saying in my mind . I turned my head to see Chad's blonde hair covering his beautiful brown eyes . " Morning " He said kissing my fore head .  I turned my whole body to face him , then i saw that  he was shirtless . I instanly shot a smile at him . "What are you doing here so early ?" He asked . " A girl can't miss her boyfriend ?" I asked . Then I saw Chad  close his eyes and lean in so I did the same untill our lips met . " I missed you so much ! " I blured out ruining a perfect momment . " I missed you too , " He said . " So ,  um , are you busy tonight ?" He continued . " Uh , no ? why ?" I asked shaking my head .  " Well , I thought maybe I could come over ?" He said .  " Haha , yeah , that would be great ! " I said . " Alright , c'mon , i'll walk you to your car , " He said while walking me to my car . He swang open the yellow car door . " I love you " I said smiling brighter than ever . " I love you too " He said giving me a quick kiss . I sat down onto the seat and pulled out of the drive way and drove off .  A few momment's later my cellphone started to ring and the name popped up as " unknown  caller " I picked it up  and fliped it open . " Hello , Victoria Simpson speaking , " I said . " Vic , Its Paige " Paige has been my best friend since I was Six year olds , we use to play Barbies together and she was there when my dog Ziggy died , and just a few days ago we got back from camp . " Hey , What's up ? "  I asked . " Remeber how i told you I couldn't find my sister in her Cabin that one night at camp ? " She said crying . " Yeah ? What happend ? " I asked . " Turns out she got drunk and went down to the lake and she went for a swim and drowned ! " she said crying louder and louder . " Oh my god ! I'm so sorry " I said in some sort of shock .

The End

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