Novus Ordo Arcanium

This story chronicles a Super Group in the City of Heroes MMO, a think tank dedicated to combining both magic and technology.

This story, like all the best stories, begins with a loud explosion, followed by maniacal laughter.

It wouldn't be fair to say that this was particularly malicious maniacal laughter, or the sort that sent an electric chill up one's spine. Rather, this was the laughter of a person who was having an extremely good time with his work which, in this particular case, involved a rather loud explosion.

Smoke rolled almost bashfully behind the echoing cackle as it bounced off of rune-carved bricks, scattered cauldrons, a magical circle the size of a garage, alchemical instruments, and shelves full of ingredients only a Chinese medicine store would bother stocking. A wooden bowl full of eyes of newt and a package containing a petrified tiger's penis were thrown from the large, antique chamber and into a split hallway, where the smoke blew different directions. Half cluttered and swirled around the raised dust of a small library, while more blew past a small, verdant garden, complete with pond, that seemed to be in the fullness of health despite a lack of sunlight.

Finally, the smoke came to rest, floating over the floor of a large, gleaming, brushed metal room, clean to the point of sterility. Stairs near the entrance made soft, metallic pings as someone ran down to see the commotion. Meanwhile, boots kicked through the wispy carpet of smoke. A man in a black trench coat laughed and held a square of soft putty on which several unusual runes had been carved. His short hair seemed to stand on end, and his coat was covered in soot and dust as he bellowed, "It worked! Necromantic energy detection glyph chained to a brand new detonation rune, carved and imbued into C4, ladies and gentlemen!"

From the stairs, a voice shouted, "Why?"

The man's green eyes darted to the stairway, grin still on his face. "First, because I'm Walker Gray and I can! Second, I hate necromancers! What would you do?"

The End

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