November Rain


White-knuckled; his hands gripped the steering wheel. His eyes darted from left to right, but he could barely see two feet in front of his car. The rain continued to pour down like blankets of water, draped over the glass. Only breaking for a second as the windshield wipers cut through it's smooth flow. It wasn't enough, however, to slow down. In fact, it created an opposite reaction; he ignored the car's speed slowly rising to 120km/h. He didn't care. He had to get to her in time.

Traces of the events from today flickered though his mind so quick, he played it over and over at least a dozen times. Each time leaving his breath more shallow and quicker, his heart racing. "I can't lose her" was all he was able to meditate on, in-between flashbacks. 

He remembered looking into her eyes, feeling numb as the words "it's over" seemed to roll over her tongue without a stutter. He could swear his heart did stop in that unbearable moment which seemed to take forever until he managed to scramble up the words to respond, but instead, watched her walk away from him before he could open his mouth. He was left paralyzed. His grip on the steering wheel tightened. 

He rolled down the window beside him, not caring about the rain now falling onto his jeans, his left sleeve quickly soaking up with water. He could see a bit better though now, as he turned left sharply onto the next street and came to an abrupt stop in front of her house. You could never tell, now in the dark November night, that the outside boards were painted a soft green, the only coloured house to stand out on the left side of the street. But he recognized the glowing 1543 house number that was lit up in red on a small frame above the Garage.

He stepped out of the car, so nervous that he almost forgot how to use his feet. He stumbled a few steps and within moments his grey cotton shirt was soaked and clinging to him like his own skin. He felt naked. If this were any other time, he would have felt embarrassed. Not tonight. 

The rain was icy cold, stabbing down like knives as he began to run across the street. The pain only fueled his adrenalin, and within the next ten seconds, he was at her doorstep. The rain continued to pour, unavoidably, as there was no shelter of a patio roof to keep the rain off. 

His arms felt like led, paralyzed with numbness, but he fought to use all his strength to raise it and knock on the door--not realizing how much force, he ended up pounding on it. He continued until he heard a shreaking voice on the other side yelling 'HOLD ON!' He couldn't think. He couldn't breathe. He felt his stomach turn over. What if this is a disaster!? What if she opens the door with another guy by her side? What if she SLAMS the door on my face the moment she sees it's me?! What if--

The door swung open. There she stood, in her silk white nightdress, her hair left loosely--a contrast from a few hours ago when he last saw her. Her soft, dark curls delicately framing her beautiful face. Her eyes blue, and wide, lipglossed pink lips parted slightly. Her expression turned from annoyance to surprise. 

"Do it" was all he thought to himself.

She stepped forward "Wh--" she began, but, to even his own surprise, he quickly grabbed her and with one, flawless movement, brought her close and kissed her. He felt his heart about to explode, but he didn't dare move back for fear of not knowing what her reaction would be when he stopped. But she didn't stop kissing him. Her body relaxed instantly, despite the fact that it was now raining on her, and he could feel the water trickle it's way between their faces. 
After what seemed like forever, he gently pushed back to take a look at his angel, who's hair was now wet, flat and pressed against the side of her face. Beautiful. Her nightdress clinging to her body as his shirt did to his. Her eyes still wide and her lips left parted to say something, but she remained silent.

His hands cupped either side of her face. "I love you." His tone strong. Confident. He was in awe at how there was no hint of a crack in his voice while those words rolled off his tongue, but allowed no evidence to show on his face, as he controlled himself, staring deep into her eyes and focusing on them and nothing else.
"It's not over because I love you. Only you." He quickly felt like a bit of an idiot as those were the only words he was able to sum up. He remembered having a whole 'win-her-back' speech memorized, but could not for the life of him bring his mind to think of how it started. Her eyes just held him there, confident she was taking in everything he said, but he feared that this all may be too late. He half expected another guy to step out from the house, confirming his doubts. But there was no one else around. Just him and her.

Her lips parted again, and this time, not a screech, but with an angelic tone slowly gliding out of her mouth, she softly repeated those three words back to him. She smiled. If she only knew the kind of power she had over him; the way she made him feel confident and stronger when he was around her, but he didn't know how else to express it other than grabbing her around the small of her back. She let him pull her closer again, and he kissed her softly in the cool of November rain.

The End

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