No"va\ (n[=o]"v[.a]), n.; pl. L. Nov[ae] (-v[=e]), E. Novas (-v[.a]z). [L., fem. sing. of nuvus new.] (Astron.) A new star, usually appearing suddenly, shining for a brief period, and then sinking into obscurity. Such appearances are supposed to result from cosmic collisions, as of a dark star with interstellar nebulosities.


Excerpt from the notebook of Archi Teuthis:

Ankou - "On the wind-sculpted terrain of Brittany on the northwest tip of France, a frightening phantom rides a horse-drawn cart looking for victims. He is the 'Ankou', the grim reaper who takes anyone who looks him in the face. The only warning given of his approach is the roar of the solid wooden wheels on his cart. Brittany is a unique area with a Celtic heritage whose traditions blend paganism with Catholicism, and that is what the figure of the Ankou represents." From the International Directory of Haunted Places, by Dennis William Hauck

"When Ankou comes, he will not go away empty."


Dear Mr. Hauck,

Let me start off by saying what a big fan I am of your Haunted Directory books. I do not personally own a copy myself, but at the Pestulega Community Library down the street their copy is almost always checked out under my name. However, there is one entry I find somewhat troubling.

Your descriptions of folklore figures are usually quite in-depth and informative. In fact, I even found an entry with the name of a friend of mine as the heading recently. Although the heading was not a cute little coincidence as you may suspect. The entry was actually about my friend. Obviously you did not know about this [I am sure your publisher would have pointed out the error and recommended removal so you would not be sued], and I am not going to point out the entry in case it gets you in trouble. Instead, I propose a correction:

Ankou - "Much like the usher searching the aisles of the theater after Death drops the curtain, the Ankou should be considered along the same lines. Not a reaper per se, but, again, more like the street sweeper after a parade. Pieces of thought get shattered and thown in all directions after a sticky ending, attaching themselves to objects, places, and, occasionaly, people. The Ankou follows in Death's wake, sweeping away these conscious fragments so the living can continue with, well, living. Notable features of the Ankou are his white hair and red/gray eyes, and he can be seen driving a wine red hearse. Usually followed around by a childish entity [recognizably shaped like a black furred teddy bear] known only as The Spunky."

I hope this correction makes it into your next edition, sir.

Archi Teuthis


[the following was found scribbled in a green steno book, the pages were somewhat warped from water damage and all attempt has been made to translate the information correctly]

What I Did This Summer, by Archi Teuthis, 02 period

  • Fell in a grave
  • Was in a parade with Rotmantl Dietrik in his hearse
  • Met Coffin Galiardi
  • Saw a public hanging
  • Found out Coffin's grandfather doesn't like me [most prophetics don't since they can't stand being in my head]
  • Drank shark's teeth soup [crunchy, and not something you should have by candlelight]
  • Wrote the greatest joke ever involving elephants

[written in blue scribbles along the side] she's not gonna let you turn this in if you have it in list form - C

[in red gothic print below] I notice you did not mention when I was run through with that sword, dear - RD

[green italics across the bottom] FINE! I'll try again! besides, Red - I reeeeeally don't think I can mention my best friend getting "run through with a sword" in an English paper

[on a new sheet, still in green italics] What I Did This Summer, by Archi Teuthis, 02 period


The End

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