a black shelby mustang can be seen parked up near a curb the car is reving its engine there are peolple talking to each other suddenly a second car can be heard coming its a blue and white bmw m3 gtr both cars roll down thier windows both drivers look at each other a man out of the blue talks to the man in the bmw "dude hows your car running" he then starts laughing to himself and walks of a girl walks up to the black mustang and takes a piece of paper from his hand she then walks up to the bmw "pink slip" suddenly the mustang revvs its engine 4 times the man driving the mustang leans out the window and says "first im going to take your girl then your car be ready for that" "dont worry hes running on a lot of power wait for him to shift first good luck" she then walks of the man looks at the girl blows her a kiss then looks at the bmw

The End

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