Opposites Attract

The cold air hit my face as I made my way down the road. My school bag was hitting me on the back of my leg in time with my steps. So I pulled the strap up over my shoulder, stopping the irritating thumps. Rubbing my hands together I made a mental note to remember my gloves tomorrow. I didn’t remember it being this cold last week, the temperature must have dropped massively over the weekend. Weather like this made me long for the summer. I didn’t do winter well. I wrapped my blazer sleeve round my hands in an attempt to warm them up. Though there really was no point, the school blazers weren’t exactly thick. I made another mental note to bring my coat tomorrow.

“Naomi!", I turned my head to see who was shouting my name, "Wait up!" Megan came galloping up towards me with a huge grin on her face. She did mornings better then me.

“Hey Megs, how’re you?”, I smiled at my best friend while she linked her arm with mine.

“I’m good. Always am!”, she grinned at me before pulling me along the pavement, “So looking forward to school?”

“No. What crazy person would?”, I raised my eyebrows at her because I knew the answer.

“Me, of course”

“Of course”

Megan was the exact opposite of me in every single way. She loved winter but I hated it. I loved marmite and she couldn’t even go near the stuff. She was loud and loved to be around people but I preferred my own company and was a lot quieter then her. And she loved school, much to my confusion, when I despised the place. Many people couldn’t understand why we were best friends and if I’m honest I didn’t really understand it either. Though I wouldn’t change it for the world, she was like a sister to me.

We walked through the school gates just in time for the bell. Megan rushed off to get to form on time and made a feeble attempt at a wave goodbye when she was meters ahead of me. The dread for the week ahead had settled in and I walked a lot slower then I had been. If I was lucky I could get to form in time for the end.

The End

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