Nothing Like True Love <3Mature

This story is about two people that can't be separated and will do anything to be together. Hope yow like it. It is mi first romance ever.

Have you ever fell in love with someone yow just met?

Well someone has and this is just a little sad love story


   One night this girl went to a football game. While she was there a guy was talking to her best friend Lena. So she ran over there. With out paying attention to the guy she just stood there talking to Lena. Out of no where Lena asked " Do you like him...cause yow keep staring at him?" As soon as Lena asked the question the girl ra away. 


" How dare she say that. What does she think I am a whore or something. She knows I just got dumped by my boyfriend. Gosh, I still love him but the guy she is with is so cute. But, why is she with him. He is from a different school. If people see her with him she is gonna get made fun of and called a trader. I can't let this happen to her." 


    So the girl ran back up to Lena and pulled her away. 


" What are you doing Kacie!?!" Lena yelled. 


" I am sorry but if people from our school see you with him..." Lena joined in. " What is gonna happen that you are worried about!"


" People will talk behind your back and start calling you a trader! I can't let that happen to you!"


" Kacie that is only if you end up dating someone from a different school." Stated Lena.


     After a good fifteen minutes of talking they decided to go back. Except this time Lena ditched her and left her with the guy. So they went to the bleachers and sat down. Sooner or later people came up and randomly said " There dating and those two are dating and shes a loner." They just ignored it and went back to talking. While the guy was in the middle of talking the gurls best friend Lena pulled her away. Once Lena dragged her to the back of the bleahers she said " Kacie, Just face it you like him. Plus you an tell he like you too. Also, You guys should date your like the perfect couple."


" Yeah, Whatever I gotta go take care of this bitch." the girl murmured.


    As she started to walk away the guy stopped her and whispered..." You can't do this by yourself. I am coming with you so if a fight starts you won't get hurt."


   She just ignored him and kept walking. Once she got up to the girl the punched her in the face. A few seconds later the guy grabs ahold of Kacie and holds her back.Meanwhile she yelled...

" How dare you call me a poser! What have I done to you! You have no right to be calling me one. Wait a second. When someone calls a person a poser that they have been friends with forever and are like sisters, and they call them a poser. Well lets put it this way. You called your self a poser!"


    " No I never alled you that. Your basially mi sister! I would never hurt you like that. And why are you saying I am a poser. Kacie, you know thats not true. Someone has set me up!."


   " No you are not being set up! You are just pulling one of your stupid tricks to make me give in and take you back! I am done. I never want to see you again. And if you ever try to talk to me or anything I will kill you!" Kacie shouted.


    " Whatever! I don't care what you say! I hate you!"


    The guy pulled her away. He dragged her back to the bleachers. A couple minutes later she ended up laying her head on his shoulder. The game was coming to an end and she started to get sad. So she walked away. By the time she got under the bleachers, she only had  ten minutes to write the note and slip it in his pocket. She got out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote


      [ Dear Kirey,


   I know I just met you and everything but I am falling for you. Atually I think I already have. I don't know what I would of done if I never met you. The only thing is that I will never see you again. Yet I hope I do. No matter what I will always love you. For once I felt true love. I don't want to leave you like this but I am sorry it has to be this way. I don't want to hurt you. So please don;t be in pain like I am in right now while writing this letter to you. I love you and don;t ever forget that. 


                                                                                                          Love, Kacie]


            On her way back up she ran into his friend. She looked up at him and kept walking away. The only thing was he noticed the pain n sorrow hidding behind her eyes. He didn't know what to do so he kept walking. As she was approtching  him, he stood up. They ran into each other. When they looked at each other she hugged him. As she was hugging him she slipped the note into his jacket pocket. 


        A couple hours later after the game when they were both back at their houses. Kirey's friend messaged him telling him to look in his jacket pocket. In another message his friend sent " Hey dude, The girl you were with at the football game was in pain. Whe I saw her coming back onto the bleachers I could see it hidding with in her eyes."


       Kirey never replied. Instead he was reading the note. Once he was done reading it he put it down and started to cry. He didn't know what hit him, all he knew was that it wasn't good. It was never good. For a while he was crying. Then he found out her facebook acount and tried messageing her. She wouldn't reply. So he tried again. The message said..." I love you to. I didn't exspect it to be like this though. I really want to be with you. Your in pain I know that and I am sorry about that, But don't worry I am in pain too. Your not alone. If you need anyone at anytime you an reliy on me. I care about you a lot. I love you."


     Yet she still never replied. Instead she read the message he sent and fell onto the floor in tears. She couldn't believe she was causeing this much pain to her and to kirey. Mean while one of kirey's friends messaged her and tol her that kirey had killed his self cause he couldn't live with out her. So she ran to the living room and wrote her mom a note. 


     [ Dear mom,


        Please don't think you did anything wrong. Cause you haven't. I have found true love, but I made a mistake. Yet, Because of me he is now dead. I caused him so much pain that he couldn't live with out me anymore. And now that I know he is dead I can't live with out him. I am sorry but I need to be with him. I love him and I can't find anyone else that would mean a lot to me like he did. I love you. And Don't ever forget that. 


                                                                                                                Sincerly, Your daughter Kacie]


       She put the note on her moms desk. Once she layed it down she ran into the garage and found her cousins gun. As she put it up to her head and yelled " I'm sorry!" then pulled the trigger.


         Two days later she had another facebook message. 


" Kacie, don;t believe anything that my friend tells you. I did not kill my self I couldn't do that to you. I love you. I will never find anyone like you. Please reply. :("


       The next day her mom went onto her daughters facebook and saw the message. So she replied...


" Kirey I am sorry but Kacie is gone. She commited suicide. All I know is that the guy of her life commited suicide to and she couldn't live one with out him. I am so sorry to be telling you this but I figured you should know."


        Kirey got the message and once he did he got his knife. Except he couldn't kill his self. He couldn't leave his little sister behind in this cruel world. So he had his friends cousin that hates his guts stab(murder) him. A few seconds after being stabbed he died. For once he was happy and was with the love of his life, but left the people that loved him behind. He thought it shouldn't matter as long as they know that he is happy and reunited with the love of his life Kacie. :)



The End

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