Nothing like Cinderella

Once upon... now

I'm unhappy, only some of the time. I have a father that loves me- and is very much alive. My mother isn't step, but evil non-the-less. I don't have two ugly sisters- but five beautiful ones, that are sweet and kind. Fat,thin, and medium little rodents don't help me out of sticky situations, but three dorky little brothers, named Luke, Isaac, and Allen. There is no fat cat that likes to ruin my plans- only a selfish big brother, that is scared of a little dirt on his hands. I work all day, cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry, but I do it for love- not because I am forced. I don't sleep by the fire, covered in soot... and nobody calls me Cindereall. why would they? My name is Britney.

I've never been to a ball, but a school dance that ended at twelve. I don't have a fairy godmother-but a grandfather that believes in fairies. I do believe in magic but not the kind that turns mice into men. I believe in the power of a first kiss, and the magic of a hug and smile. There is no prince charming that will take me away to live in a castle. Just stupid jock boys who can't begin to spell 'castle' but are sweet enough. 

My live isn't a fairy tale- though I wish sometimes, it were. I just have to move on and search for the cure to my most unhappy moments. 'Cause when I open my eyes I see beauty and magic in the most simple things... like a smile, a cloud, or, even a stupid pumpkin!

The End

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