Nothing is Going to HappenMature

Just a dream I had last night. I'm not really sure what it was about, but I clearly remember this part. So, I decided to write it out. Please give me feedback!!! <3

                The night sky lights up with stars, a ghostly glow raining down on my face, bathing my skin in translucent light. Nonetheless though, the night couldn’t be duller or darker to me. The world around us had gone to shit, and I was full of fear that I’ve never felt before. This was probably the first night in months where there was some form of peace, and I am so unused to the silence that it felt foreign to me. It was soon interrupted by a pair of heavy footsteps approaching me from behind. I would usually be on edge about someone coming out of the blue behind me; you had to keep your guard up nowadays. But I had felt his energy far before he was even close to me to know who it was.

                “You need to be more careful out here,” I warn him. “I could sense you a mile away, so if there were anyone else in the area they would too.”

He scoffs, and promptly takes a seat in the soft grass next to me. “Don’t tell me what to do, woman,” He glanced in my direction. “I’m far more capable of taking care of myself.”

                I couldn’t help but snicker at his response. Despite the fact that we’ve been on the run for ages, clearly overpowered by the other inhabitants, he still was as arrogant and prideful as ever.

                “What are you doing at here by yourself anyways? It’s not safe.” He asks, protectively wrapping his large arms around my thin waist, pulling me close to him.

                I smirk. “I’m far more capable of taking care of myself…” I say mockingly, and I nuzzle into him, enjoying his nutty and musky scent that I have grown so fond of.

                He smirks back at me, and the feeling of fear has slightly lifted. It’s good to share a laugh or two in times like this. You don’t know if it’ll be your last. But it doesn’t last long. It never does. My attention perks up to the sky, and you could hear the faint echo of booming in the distance. My body tenses, and a large frown creases my face. I turn to face him, my eyes full of slight panic.

“Hey,” He whispers to me. “It’s far off. Nowhere near us. Calm down.” His deep raven eyes gaze back into mine, and he holds me tighter. Soon our tails find each other’s, and they intertwine together.

I still hold fear deep in myself, despite his attempts at reassuring me that everything is okay.

“What if something happens to us…?” I ask bluntly, my voice cracking with uneasiness.

I can make out a very faint smile on his face. “We’re Saiyans,” He looks up at the sky. “Nothing is going to happen to us.”

The End

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