Nothing Hurts Like Love - A Dramione Fanfic. Chapter 1: Guilt and Memories

Hermione and Draco, as they should have been in the novels.

Nothing Hurts Like Love: A Dramione FanFic

A/N: Hey people, this is my first ever fanfic, so hopefully it does the Dramione pairing justice. Send in reviews and ratings, tell me what you think. Not sure how long the story will be yet, but could be a long one depending on the reviews and if people want more. Rebel Cinderella

1st September 1994

Harry, Ron and Hermione were returning to the school that they loved after a rather haunting summer. The mood had changed throughout the wizarding world, now that Voldemort was back, and anywhere Dumbledore was was the safest place to be. In Harry's eyes, compared to the horrors that he had seen over the summer, being taunted by Draco Malfoy and his dopey chums was child's play.

Hermione stared out of the window with mixed feelings of dread, guilt and intense excitement. She dreaded going back to Hogwarts, knowing that everybody may find out her secret, guilty that she could be betraying her best friends, but intensely excited about seeing him again. Everybody had seen the hateful looks that she and her soul mate had exchanged at the Wizarding World Cup, but nobody apart from the two of them knew that it was just a mask, a handsome, stylish, oh so attractive mask.

(6 months before)

Hermione was walking along to the library to study for the Transfiguration test they had coming up. She knew she had already aced it, but she needed to be sure. She was top of the class, and she wanted to stay that way. No way was she having her arch-enemy claim the top spot from underneath her. Hermione Granger, second place, didn't really suit. She knew that Malfoy, that piece of scum, hated her because she was Muggle-born and beating him didn't make her life any easier. She thought back to how satisfied she felt about punching him in the face last month. Oh...but that felt good. She had wanted to do it for so long and the surprise and anger on his face had made it even more worthwhile than she could have imagined. Beating Malfoy wasn't her immediate motivation to be top of the class, but it did satisfy her to know that he couldn't beat her.

Hermione was so deep in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed somebody had been trailing her for several minutes now. Someone was watching, waiting and they wanted Hermione...

A/N: So tell me what you guys think. Sorry about the extremely short chapter, it seemed better to leave it where it was. Hopefully the characters weren't too OOC, and the mini-cliff hanger has got you interested. I have the general idea for the next few chapters, and it promises to get very juicy and very romantic. Thanks for reading!

The End

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