Imperfect family.

Lanny's mom sends her off to her dad and stepmothers new house to get acquainted with her new sister. The problem is she hates everything about her new home. Her room, her mother, and sometimes the new baby. She just wants everything to go back to normal.

  I wake up to baby crys from the next room. I pull the blanket over my head to block out the baby. Eventually I fall back to sleep. Just to wake up again to my father and Rebecca getting ready for work. I'm never going to get any sleep here! I think to myself. And of course the baby hears the movement too and starts screaming on the top of her lungs. I throw the blanket over my legs and it falls on the floor.  I sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed. Just in time for someone knocking softly on my door. "Yes?" I ask. "Oh it's just Rebecca I'm just seeing if you want to make you something or should I?" Rebecca answers. "I make me something." I say and get off the bed.  The summer air had made my room humid because I left the window open. I find a old band t-shirt and Jean shorts and put them on. 

When I walk down to the kitchen dad is eating cereal and  Rebecca is rocking the baby. I take the cereal box and grab me a bowl. As I'm pouring my milk into the bowl, Rebecca's phone rings. " Oh it's my boss." She says then looks at me. "Here hold Kelsey."  She hands me the baby before I could protest. She takes her phone on the back porch. Kelsey looks at me with my dad's bright green eyes. I didn't look anything like my dad. I looked more like my mother with her brown eyes and dirty blond hair. While Kelsey had dad's eyes and Rebecca's black hair. 

 Rebecca comes back in with a worried expression. "Honey. I have to go in a today." Rebecca tells dad. "I thought you were taking Lanny on a tour."  Dad asks her as he eats his last bite of his cereal." I was. I am. But it just can't be today." She explains. "I don't mind I was go I going to look around town anyway." I immediately said. I didn't want Rebecca and the baby hanging around.  "I am sixteen." I tell them. Rebecca looks worried again. "She'll be fine.  She's a tough girl." Dad agrees. Rebecca looks like she's about to say something but doesn't. " How about I get some of the girls around to show how around." Rebecca says as I'm about to leave. "Even better." Dad answers and walks out of the kitchen. I sigh."Their really sweet girls." Rebecca says as she takes the baby from me. Who of which I forgot  I was holding.  She takes her phone out and starts dialing.

The End

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