Nothing Else to Hope For

What do you do when you have nothing else to hope for?

Do you cry out loud until your lungs are empty, until your throat is dry as the bark of a tree during a heat wave? Or do you claw at the invisible atmosphere of oxygen that provides you with a life you just might not deserve?

Do you fear that one thing that might matter to you most might vanish in the quickest second of a lifetime? Or do you simply bend down on your knees in front of your little, teenage, or adult bed and pray to the being that everyone worships?

Do you think it, for we know not if it is a she, a he, and perhaps an it--the sex is unimportant, what matters is whether you think it listens to your pleas of insolent salvation or not. You must possibly wonder if it will spare your agony and bring you towards that beam of light that promises a lifetime of unanswered questions. You must.

Curiosity is a wonderous thing when you have nothing else to hope for. If nothing more, you have your curiosity.

What more could you possibly hope for? Curiosity takes you to the entrances down the many paths that you shall seek. The darkened path may brighten your eyes, while the light path deceives you with a promise of shredded, bleached reality. What shall you perceive? The truth or a tainted lie that in the end destroys all in its path?

When all hope fails, when all curiosity dies, where will you find yourself? In the path of light or the path of darkness?

What do you do when you have nothing else to hope for?

The End

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