Nothing Could Save Us

"But you would never have known, if you had been where you should have been." He spoke menancingly. I kept my head up high. "And then we wouldn't be in this situation now."

Adults think us teenagers over play how unfair life is on us. You get the hard parts of a normal teenagers life - first love, first kiss, first heartbreak - and then you get my life. First kill, first bite, first death.

Let me start at the beginning. I know that line is overused, but how else could I start? 'Once upon a time'? My life is no fairy tale. Hi, I'm Desire, and college sucks double time for me.

Sat in french in the corner, alone because nobody wants to sit with a goth, powering through the translation we had been asked to do, there was a sharp rap at the door.

Nobody looked up, except for me. Nobody cared, except for me. The boy spoke to our teacher, who gave him the worksheets and motioned for him to sit where he pleased.

I burrowed myself in my work again. Ignoring when the chair next to me squeaked, he proceded to tap my arm.

"Hey, I'm Kyle." I saw him write his name on the top of his worksheets. "You are...?"

I looked at him, then to the teacher, then back to him. "Very busy." I hissed, moving onto my next sheet.

The End

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