Nothing Can Stop The Past Re-Living

When sylvias partents get back together, she feels her life is only going to get better. Sebastian, a guy whos more than just a super hot guy becames her boyfriend. her life is amazing. Her childhood friend comes back in her life. She is complete. But things start happening that love cant even surive

tall, grey.old,rectangle, white, stone, wood, glass, flowers, grass, a new begging... home. my new life, a fresh start. i look out the window as my dads dark green car pulls up outside.

"here we are" my dad tells me and my mum.

"so this is where you moved to when we got divored?" my mum asks while admiring the beautiful house. but who wouldn't?

two years ealier my patrents split up because they had fallen out love with eachother and a week ago, mum was picking me up from school and her car collided with another car. at the hospital, they both decleared their undying love for eachother. (i know chessy)

"you remember philip? the one who has Serenla as a daughter? he let me move in here with the others" dad explaines to her as he kisses her cheek. "come on, we should get inside"

i open the door as a huge wave of exitement washes over me as my new life begins. "ouch" i gasp as a sharp stabbing pain rushes through my stomach. i double over in pain and start to take slow even breaths.

"are you okay?" a soft teenage voice asks me. i feel an arm around my shoulders. i look up to see a snow white face with soft sky blue eyes.

"i'll be fine in a second" i reply through deep breaths. i slowly straighten myself up. she smiles a warm smile and i smile back knowing i'm going to enjoy living here.

"serenela? are you coming in?" a curlym waist length black haired teenager inquires leaning against the doorway. "oh, you must be sylvia?"

"yeah" i answer as me and serenela start taking baby steps towards the house.

"i'll bring your suitcase in later" dad calls after me while helping mum with her crushes.

me, serenela and the curly haired teenager walk towards the house.

The End

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