she sat and sipped her drink, trying hard not to draw attention to herself. She felt odd, as if she was different. Of course she was different. It was 9am and she was sipping lemon tea with vodka in it. Not normal. She looked at the clock and felt conscious of the time, however, when a soft voice accompanied with a soft mischievous smile offered her another, she couldn't say no. She finished her dregs and held out her mug, looking around awkwardly she thought maybe they might suspect her. The thought never crossed her mind that nobody at work would even think she would be drunk so early in the morning. Why should she? She was outgoing, carefree, worked hard occasionally when it suited her but she wasn't bad at her job, maybe a little complacent at times, sometimes a little loud and rude but it was all in jest, and besides, it was her colleague who encouraged her. Their behaviour suited everyone else. Without those two at the back the office would be boring, no jokes and music and laughter. Who would entertain them on long dark days.

The End

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