I'm actually quite flexible...I can fit both feet in my mouth.Mature

Dear Self,

Women aren't supposed to smoke and cuss; people always seem so shocked to learn about my extensively compartmentalized, high-dollar tool collection, too...it's annoying. But having .00 gauged micro for every set I own is a little too much. Don't expect for the guy you're dating to feel secure with the fact that you out-tool him, by a landslide.

Time to sell some tools...

Guys like cheerleaders in terms of football + women; they don't want to see a female head coach or listen to woman sports announcer. 

So it's not okay, after all, for you to watch football and love the Niners. the ladies look down on it, and the guys apparently become enraged and overtaken by a child-like, poor sport's persona when you can recite stats more accurately than they can.

(Shivers) Geez.....

When your longtime and well-respected boss is ready to retire after 35 years in the tax business, and you can only remain consumed by the ways in which such a change is going to ruin your whole gig, that kinda might make you a bad person. Chew on that one, Self...

The End

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