Becky Woodsen

Someone came up with this brilliant idea that we write journals while we are on the road, so here we are at my first entry. I guess I should start that my name is Becky Woodsen, Bex most of the time, and I play bass in Jumping Pulse. I also sing lead vocals or backup, depending on the song and I am in charge of making sure that we manage to eat some real food once in a while.

This is hardly the first time I've been on tour, but as much as I try to play it cool around Dylan - mostly just to tease him - I love it. Every time I am in front of a new crowd I feel this amazing high. Afterwards is a bit of a different story, but it is such a rush. So many great people to meet, cool venues to play. I love the bars and pubs scene. Can't wait to light some metaphorical fires with my bandmates, so if you see Jumping Pulse in town come check us out! I promise you won't be disappointed (unless you were looking for classical music)!



The End

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