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sick of all of it

dear "family" im sick of all the shit that goes on there. you bitch at me about every little thing and I am fucking sick of it all. kick me out? wouldnt be the first fucking time. you care more about your drunk of a boyfriend than your own fucking son?!/ well you know what, if you want me gone. you fucking got it. im sick of coming home and hearing nothing but fighting and arguing. I thought home is supposed to be a safe haven? but nope, id rather suffer from the shit at school then spend another second at home. fuck all of you. 3o days to pack my shit? thats fine. it will be done by the time you get home. and no, i wont go and sit at granpas until you calm your shit, i will get as far away from home as i can. here are the keys to the car, wont need it where im going. see you, or not, it would be best if I never see either of you again. i tried to put up with your shit but im done. want to blame me for how the house is? im not the only one there you dumb bitch. but you wont listen to what I say, youll just find something else to bitch at me about. and thats fine, thats how I grew up, with a bitch of a mom and a dead beat dad, at least dad diddnt yell at me for every fucking thing. you could have abandoned me like he did. better to deal with someone who could care less about me than to live with someone who only bitches. bye

The End

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