"Open the bloody jar!"

Just her luck, the fairy thought, to end up being caught not only by a dullard but by  a dullard who was trying to be cunning by striking deals. If he kept on like this he'd probably end up in politics.

"Open the bloody jar!"

Joshua's childish face contorted with the effort of thought, and he began to absently turn the jar in his fingers, causing the fairy to bump uncomfortably against the glass walls. She smacked the side of the jar impotently with her tiny fist.

"Look, kiddo, do you want to fly or not? Open. The. Jar. Already!"

"All right," her captor agreed, after a suitable interval of advanced cogitation. He smiled in excited anticipation and pulled off the lid.

The fairy shot into the air like a bottle rocket, trailing streams of shining sparkles, and turned several loop-de-loops.


The End

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