Joshua kept her in the jar and hid her behind the bushes for safe keeping.


The back door opened and his sister, Hannah came out, with her cellphone, and a Coke. Quick as a flash, he plunged the jar into the bushes, hearing a tiny ''eek'' as he did it.

He went over to Hannah, who had sat on the garden bench.

''Can I have a go on your game, Han?''

''No'' she said. ''I brought it out to text Ellie, not for you to play games on.''

''Can I when you've finished?''

''No, go away!''

He shrugged and went back into the house. His mother had said that Hannah was going through puberty, whatever that was, and that was why she was crabby all the time.

With her pest of a kid brother gone, she started tapping letters and words into her phone. Rufus the the cat walked past, rubbing his side against her leg and making for the bushes. The phone beeped and she read Ellie's reply. She tapped in her response.

''What the...'' She looked toward the bushes, where Rufus appeared to have gone out of his tiny cat mind. He was darting back and forth, and pouncing on something, over and over.

''Mouse.'' she muttered, and ran to the bushes, shooing Rufus away. She peered in. No mouse or bird or anything, as far as she could see. ''Crazy cat.''

She was about to turn around and go back to the bench when she saw a movement. There was something there. She parted the branches a little, and saw something glass. A jar? Bending over, she reached in and grabbed it. She looked at it. A jar with something pink in it; something pink and moving, well, fluttering, really. Some kind of butterfly? She brought it up to her face, and almost dropped the jar.

''Hey!'' said the little thing inside – surely a fairy, though twelve year old Hannah didn't believe in those, did she?

''Umm... hello.'' said Hannah. ''Are you... a fairy?''

''You get ten points for observation. Now let me out, I have things to do, even if you don't.''

She looked at the fairy, who was now pounding on the inside of the glass. It looked really mad.  No way was she let it out. At least not until she'd told  Ellie about this. She took the jar over to the bench and picked up her phone, then hit the last number redial.   The fairy was now sitting down, kicking her legs up and down, in a full-on tantrum.

''Ellie... you are just not gonna believe what I have here...''

The End

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