Not Your Typical Tink

Joshua had a full belly and that meant only one thing: time to play.  He jumped down from the table and shouted something about finding hidden treasure in the backgarden as his mother and father began to clean up the dinner table and talk about the electric bill for the month.

Outside, Joshua planted his seven-year-old bum on the grass in the middle of the yard and began to dig in the mud with his little red beach shovel.  After what seemed an eternity of digging  without finding so much as a nickel, Joshua looked about and then noticed two or three glowing circles float out of the nearby bushes.

"Fireflies!"  He shouted blissfully.  He pushed himself up, out of the dirt and ran over to the bushes.  He knew they only came around for a short time every year, so he had to make the most of them while they were here in his very own garden.

He glanced around the garden, his little brain working overtime to find some way to catch the new plaything.  Lined up beside the garden shed were flower pots and jars of different sizes that his mother used for gardening.  He ran over as quick as he could, grabbed a mason jar and headed back over to the bushes, hoping he hadn't missed his chance.

He was in luck; the little glowing dots were still hovering majestically in the air.  They circled around his head as he jumped into the air, waving the mason jar back and forth, while releasing squeals of delight.

He made one last effort to catch one but it was no use; they had all skittered away and out of reach from his fingers.  He slumped over in disappointment. 

Just when he was ready to give up and go back inside, there was another small pinpoint of glowing coming from within the bush.  Joshua's face lit up in a smile.  He tiptoed closer to the bush and waited.  Soon, the glow lifted from the bush and began to float upwards.  Joshua was ready this time.  He had the jar positioned strategically in one hand with the cover in the other.

He waited patiently, which isn't an easy thing for a seven year old.  Finally, when the glow was above the leaves and in the air, Joshua made his move.


His eyes were shut tight with the impact of jar and lid.  He squinted, opening them just a little, to see of he had been successful.  He shouted in glee.  There, inside the jar, was a glowing dot.

Instantly, however, the glowing dot changed; expanded, right before his eyes.  It grew just a little until it became a tiny lady with wings.  Joshua gazed at her in admiration.  She was still glowing but it was a pink haze that surrounded her now, instead of the yellow-green of the fireflies before.  She was terribly beautiful, decorated in exotic colours and leaves.  Sparkles seemed to follow her whichever way she moved.

Joshua practically had his nose pressed up against the glass of the jar.  The fairy stood with her foot stuck out and her arms folded against her slim torso. 

"And who the bloody hell are you?"  She scowled.

Joshua jumped back in surprise, involuntarily shaking the jar in his hands.  The fairy had difficulty keeping her balance and fell against the side of the jar.  She righted herself, looking more infuriated than before.  Joshua could hear her speak as plainly as if his mother were standing in front of him, demanding him to brush his teeth.

"Well?" She asked again, moving her hands to her hips.  "What do you want with me?"  She demanded.

"Are you Tinkerbell?"  Joshua asked.  He was still quite amazed at his discovery.  The most interesting thing he usually came across in his backgarden was a strangely shaped rock, and even those were hard to come by.

"No, I'm not bloody Tinkerbell, you little demon child." She spat.

"Oh." He blinked at her several times.

The fairy sighed to herself.  Just my luck, she thought, I managed to get caught by a dullard.

The End

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