I have watched you humans since the dawn of your age.  I have walked amongst your kind, and at times, taught you. I have been a hidden messenger here since the Great War of Heaven between our Lord the Creator and the one who was known as, and was the Morning Star. During that War, I was given an order to hide on Earth amongst you until I was to be summoned once again. My name has been changed many time throughout the millennia, but I still remember my original name. As I see the Earth's life fading, I do as much as I can to keep it alive under the name I have chosen, Terra Vivo. But as I feel the time of revealing is coming soon, everyone shall know me as I am truly called: Wormwood, Avenging Angel of God's Wrath and Retribution. Yet that is what many associated me with, when I was really created as God's Angel of Life Giving and Love.

Yet, I was walk amongst you, having watched you change like the seasons, I feel wrath towards you at the way you have become reckless and self-destructive. Wrath is a feeling I have come to know since I was made and watched the Great Rebellion. I have also known sorrow, especially for those who had fallen and those who had been turned to ash by Heaven's own power: Swords of Heavenly Fire and Light. And now, I can sense that the Dark One is readying for another Rebellion, and that he is searching amongst one of you to help him and give him a child that has been predicted long before many of you were born.

And it will be my duty to do everything in my power to prepare Eighteen Warriors to fight for you.

The End

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