Not Worthy Of You

The story of a boy who is deeply in love with a girl, but doesn't think he's worthy of her.

01: The Girl On The Rooftop

It was 3rd May when I first saw her. The love of my life. I was walking back from the park and Will, Charlie and I had just gone our seperate way down the street. I was glancing around at the beautiful yet haunting colours of the sun setting. I decided to take a erm... long-cut. Instead of going through the muddy ginnel I went through the estate and down the road.

I looked up to the sky, at the pink and yellow rays of the sunset. The silhouettes of the TV arials and rooftop were almost, but not quite, black, and then I spotted another silhouette amongst them. A figure. I frowned as I walked past the girl sat on the rooftop, my eyes squinting as I tried to get a better look. I wasn't actually that dark, but the girl was sat with her back to the sun, making it harder for me. I casually crossed to the other side of the road which was when she noticed me. The house was now blocking the sun almost completely, so I could see her quite easily.

Wow. She had long auburn hair with a choppy side-fringe, and, as the sun and shadows defined her features well, high cheekbones and full lips. I couldn't see the colour of her eyes, but I just knew that they would be patronizing. She looked down to me with her hair blowing back in the slight breeze, and as she did so, something changed inside me. I suddenly felt kind of ... tingly. Like I wanted nothing more than to be with her.

Her head snapped round, and I felt her eyes bore into me. I quickly turned back round and continued walking. A lot faster than before. When I got home, I was almost in a daze. I went straight up to my room and collapsed on my bed; I was exausted.

The End

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