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I awoke tired and sluggish, slowly coming out of a dreamless sleep. Or maybe I had had a dream. Yeah, I did. It was pretty strange and random, how most of my dreams are, but it felt so lucid, so real. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, just resting a bit more. Wait…something wasn’t right here…

I sat up and looked around, bewildered. I felt rope digging into my wrists and realized my hands were tied behind my back. I pulled on them restlessly but they didn’t budge, only sank more into my skin, leaving me wincing. I kept trying to wrestle with the rope while I took in my surroundings. I seemed to be in a metal box, which was constantly shifting under me. No, not a metal box, but perhaps the back of a large truck. There was a blanket and pillow next to me; I was sleeping in the back corner of the truck. As if they expected me to be comfortable in the back of a truck. I tried to stand, but my legs were as wobbly as a newborn deer, and I fell back down onto my knees when the truck hit a bump. The effects of the drug must not have all worn off yet because I was feeling a bit dizzy.

The End

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