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“Um…hello?” I have only really hung out with him a few times, and not one time he tried to engage in a full conversation with me. Usually he only greeted me with a ‘Hey’.

               “Hey.” You see? I was expecting him to tell me why he was here.

               “Why are you here?” I could bet he had this rehearsed in his head. For what, I had no clue.

               Suddenly his smile disappeared, and said, “There’s something I need from you.” He spoke these words darkly and quiet, as if he were afraid someone might hear him, besides me of course. I looked behind him; the dark clouds blocking the sun made everything look gray and dark and ominous. The trees cast long shadows, despite it being midday. There was no one outside besides Jason.

               “May I come in?” he asked. I was getting even more confused by the second.

               “What-uh-no.” I have to be honest here, it’s pretty hard to say ‘no’ to a face like this. His face was soft but angular; he had pale skin, but that wasn’t unattractive. He was muscular, a bit more than normal for a highschooler. But, you never know someone’s life until you’ve walked in their shoes. Rather, until you find out about it.

               “What do you want?” I didn’t ask this unkindly; though, I was on the edge of getting creeped out. I barely knew him. What was his deal?

               He looked down at me (he was probably an inch taller than me) and nudged his way inside, catching me off guard.

               “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!”

The End

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