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I was sitting on the couch with a controller in hand and a box of Cheezits between my arm and my side. I was currently in the living room, which was dark, since I hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights. I’m pretty lazy when I am home alone with nothing to do but chill with my dog. I was playing Final Fantasy (13), with my phone resting on my thigh, when a knock at the window broke me out of my trance. I accidentally dropped my controller and got up, my phone falling to the floor as well. The curtains were closed and so were the blinds. Hesitantly, I drew away one curtain and slightly opened the blinds, and drew back in surprise, stifling a gasp. I, fortunately, had put on clothes and brushed my teeth and everything. Boredom gets you to do stuff. Especially in the summer.

               My friend, or, more so acquaintance, was at my window. His name was Jason Lee, a freshman going on sophomore. I was going into high school, and he was my best friend’s brother’s friend; we had been introduced to each other, but never really talked. At all. Even less so since I was not a talker. At all. And right now, he was waving at me through my living room window. What, I asked myself, should I do?

               I waved back, mostly out of friendly instinct, and rushed to meet him as he walked to the front door. I opened the door, still quite startled. He was dressed in a faded gray t-shirt, fitting jeans, and worn-out sneakers. His long dark hair fell down face, just reaching his shoulders and his warming smile reached his coffee-brown eyes. I had always thought he was pretty cute, but I knew he was probably one of those guys you wouldn’t want if you were looking for a real relationship. I didn’t know for sure, but I was the kind of person to stay on the safe side of things; watch things from a distance. Watching things from the shadows was a great way to get information. Especially when you blended right in and you didn’t have a problem of anyone seeing you, it turns out to be quite effective.

The End

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