Not So Lucky Life of Andie Allens.Mature

Although her parents and sister treat her like she's a disease Andie Allens has an okay life.
Her family is stinkin' rich, so she pretty much gets almost everything she could want, (except love and attention).
Despite it all in 1 day she's graduating!
That's the ultimate freedom in a teenager's life, it's the day
you wish for, pray for, beg for.
You should be ecstatic, eager, and ready to party!
Because on the day she graduates Andie begins to realize
that the life she h

Andie studied the faded mark that pressed into the pal of her right hand. She couldn’t quite figure out the shape of it just yet, it was still too light. Andie shrugged and placed her arms behind her head, her body resting on the suede covered queen sized bed beneath her.

“This is the life.” She sighed contently.

Sadly, her perfect world was invaded by a loud cry, she cringed and sat up.


Andie rolled off her bed and hopped onto the polished wood floor. She opened her tall white door and scuffled down the carpeted-hallway and finally toddled down the gold-railed stairs that twirled the whole way down. As she walked her orange-pink hair, tied back in high spiky pigtails, bounced. Of course this wasn’t her real hair color, she dyed it. Her real hair was light brown. But hey she was the black sheep of the family, so she didn’t care.

“Ugh, what do you want?” Andie asked as came off the last step.

“You troll you’ve been using MY iPod! I know you have!”

“Okay, so what?”

“You freaking scratched the screen!” Her sister held out the pink iPod nano in her hand. A long faint scratch ran done the long screen.

Andie nodded, her dark gray eyes holding nothing but indifference.

“Ugh! You stupid little flat-chested tomboy! I hate you! I hope you DIE!!!” Her sister then grabbed her designer purse and stomped up the stairs, her pink 4-inch heels emitting a loud thump each time.

Andie smirked and twitched at the slamming of her sister’s door, which was coated with huge posters of the hottest celebrities.

Andie walked over to the bathroom by the den, she turned to the side and cupped her hands under her breasts.

“Hm, I’m NOT flat. 34B is NOT flat…”

“What are you doing?”

Andie jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice. “Agh! N-nothing, what do ya want?”

“Well, first off if you need to stop making your sister mad, I don’t think her door can take it.”

Andie heaved a long sigh, “Fine.”

“Secondly, do you know what you’re gonna were to your graduation party?”

“Mm-hm, you know that slutty black dress you hate?”

“Yes…” Her mother rubbed her gold-green eyes with her fingers gently.

“Well I got it in lime green, so yeah that.”

“Fine, its better than all that black shit you have stuffed in your closet.”

Andie stuck her tongue out to her mother’s back as the 40-some year old walked back into the kitchen.

Funny thing was that even though mother was 41 she looked 21! She was tall, about 5’8 1/2 , with fair skin, big blonde bouncy hair, slender but with wide curvaceous hips, and a sharp face decorated with red plump lips. If anything she looked more like a porn star than a mother, and she certainly dressed like one too. She was the hottest doctor in the world. At least she toned it down a bit when she was at the office.

“Hm, it’s totally obvious why dad married you…” Andie thought to herself as she watched her mom wriggling her butt around in a tight denim mine skirt.

“Ugh, so nasty…”

“What’s nasty?”

“Mom, she dresses like a whore.”

“Nasty for you, nice for me.” Her dad winked and it made Andie swallow in disgust.

Her dad was no different than her mom though, by appearance I mean. He was 45 but he looked 25! He was tall too, about 6’2. He had a sharp face as well, with fair skin, gorgeous blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that was neatly combed to the side and his body wasn’t exactly flabby, and Andie had to admit that for a 40-year old man her dad had a pretty good-toned body. He didn’t look like a porn star, he actually dressed nicely. He was a lawyer, and was constantly away on business.

Andie had no idea where she got her looks, her whole family was blonde, and had colored eyes with white skin. She had brown hair, gray eyes that were almost black, and skin that was somewhere in between, like a soft tannish sand color. Plus she was short, standing only at 5’3. Her sister was 5’9 (whose was only 16 by the way!), with the whole big boobs, sky blue eyes, blonde hair (dry as hell from the highlights), white skin, tiny waist, huge hips, and an endless amount of horny guys jumping at any opportunity to get into her pants, or in this case 2-inch denim skirt.

But in the end the not-belonging, the loneliness, the sleeping downstairs on the leather couch because your sister has a huge exam tomorrow and can’t sleep with your snoring which you don’t even do doesn’t matter because Andie was graduating, in 1 day no less. And the minute she got that art scholarship, which she would, she’d be so out of there.

“Andie sweetheart! HURRY UP! We have to get to your grandpa’s in 15 minutes! You don’t wanna be late for your own graduation party do you!?” Andie’s mother bellowed from downstairs.

“If it’s my graduation party how come we are having it at gramps house!?” Andie retaliated as she ran downstairs, she clutched the railing hoping she wouldn’t fall because of her stupid heels. Deep down Andie was ecstatic about her party; it was the single greatest moment of her life.

“Hm, you look decent. That’s good enough I suppose.” Her mother said eyeing her up and down.

Andie rolled her eyes as her mom walked to the their large front door, which had an elegant silver design running across the white wood.

“Hurry up your father and Tina are already in the Lamborghini.” Her mother urged.

Andie purposely sauntered slowly out the door, her black 2-inch heels scraping across the perfectly polished floor.

Her mother then took hold of her arm and shut the door, dragging Andie into the car.

“God, you take forever.” Her sister remarked.

Andie looked behind her from the passenger seat, “You know Tina honestly I never thought you could get any sluttier. But tonight tops all the other Friday nights you went out looking like an STD infected slut-faced whore.”

Tina gasped and folded her arms across her chest, she was speechless and defeated.
Andie's parents rolled their eyes and turned on the car. They were soon off.

When Andie stepped into her grandfather’s mansion she was flabbergasted. She didn’t mind so much not having her party at her house anymore. Her grandfather was a well-known entrepreneur and successful none the less. The estate was gigantic, the ceiling seemed farther than heaven itself, numerous gold plated, jewel encrusted chandeliers hung from the ceiling and endowed the party with their gleaming brilliance. The people however were far more beautiful, each of them bathed in designer clothing, and showered with radiant jewels. It was the party of the century.

“Ah, there she is! The girl or shall I say lady of the hour!”

“Hey gramps.” Andie greeted with a smile as her grandfather embraced her.

“You look splendid. You all do.”

Her family nodded and exchanged affections with the older gentlemen as well.

As for Andie’s grandparents yet again they looked young, well not young-young, but 50 young when you are really 70 young. Her grandpa wasn’t tall, he was 5’5, and he’d probably shrunken with age. Nevertheless the elder was almost wrinkle-free, his crow’s feet were faint, his green eyes were lively like his personality. When it came to her grandmother, she was an elegant woman who always wore the latest fashion and bought the latest jewelry. She had calm gray-blue eyes and silver hair that was usually tied back in a high bun. Her face was full of some youth as well.

“Now darling I have something for you.” Her grandfather said as he handed her a small square box.

“Aw, thanks gramps!”

“You can’t open it now though. Just wait for when I give the toast okay?” Her grandpa winked and held up a glistening glass of red wine.

Andie smiled, “Sure thing.”

“In the mean time let’s dance!”

Andie nodded and took a step back as her family rushed to the crowded dance floor. Dancing was so not her thing and she’d never waste a moment of her graduation on it. So the girl merely waddled over to the food table. She looked down at the cuisine before her, her mouth watering at the sight of shrimp cocktails. She reached for one but suddenly saw another hand pick it up.

“Aw, hey that was mine!” Andie whined and looked up at the tall stranger next to her.

“Oh. Sorry. Here you can have it.”

Andie smiled and took the cocktail away, “Thanks uh…”

Her eyes roamed all over the boy in front of her now. She had never seen him, was he even related to her? He could be because he was as beautiful as everyone else in her family. He had sandy skin like her, brown eyes that burnished orange when the light hit them, raven hair that went down to his ears, long bangs that curtained his sharp face, amplifying his mysterious demeanor.

“Uh…d-do I know you? I mean are you related to me or?”

“I’m your Uncle James son, my name is Riley.”

“Son? I didn’t know he had a son…that damn guy…anyways I’m Andie.”

“Well, he adopted me. And yeah, I know who you are.” He replied blankly.

Andie nodded taking a bite from the raw shrimp. “Okay…”

Then the awkward silence pressed in. Andie continued to eye her mysterious cousin, butterflies eating away at her gut.

“Damn, he’s so hot…” She contemplated to herself as she continued to eat her cocktail, watching Riley from her peripherals.

He laughed softly.



Suddenly the loud piercing feedback of the mic came crashing down on Andie’s ears, “OW!”

“Sorry about that everyone.” It was her grandfather.

Everyone turned to elder man as he adjusted the mic to his level, “Now, this night, this party, it’s all for my precious granddaughter Andie. For 18 years she was forced to attend school, even though it was for the best. She has come along way and has faced many rigorous ordeals along that way. But now with certainty we all can say that it’s over…for now at least. Because our Beloved Andie has now graduated and is heading off to college!”

Andie looked down, her face flushing red as everyone clapped.

“We love you Andie and we wish you good luck on your new journey. So everyone raise your glasses and let’s make a toast to Andie.”

Andie smiled as her grandfather raised his glass, everyone else following afterwards.

Riley did the same and looked at her, “Good luck.” He then took a sip.


“Andie why don’t you open that gift I gave you.” Her grandfather suggested.

“Okay gramps!” She said happily.

The girl eagerly picked up the small box from the food table, and began clawing at the wrapping paper. The shredded gold paper fell to the floor and Andie peeled off the last of it. There in her hands was a black velvet box. She looked up at her grandfather and smiled, he returned the favor, Andie then lifted up the top of the box.

She gasped. A silver crescent moon with a large diamond shard in between it greeted her, “Oh my god! T-Thank you so much gramps!”

He chuckled, “Why don’t you put it on?”

Andie set the box down and took the precious pendant along with its chain out, however the minute it came in contact with her hand Andie let out a scream.

“Ah!” She dropped the necklace and looked at her right hand.

There on the palm of her hand the symbol she had longed to figure out began to etch itself. Her skin sizzled and the symbol took its pure shape, a crescent moon.

“What the-?” Andie looked up at her grandpa. “Gramps what’s going on?”

“It’s just as we suspected.” Andie’s mother said. “You aren’t like us.”

“What? I don’t understand. Mom…” Andie said clutching her hand.

“We’re not who you think we are.” Her father intervened.

“You’re not even who you think you are.” Her sister was now behind her.

Andie began to turn but was suddenly held in place, “Agh! Tina! Let me go! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

“Sorry sis…we tried to make you one of us…a long time ago when we found you…but judging by that moon on your hand I guess it didn’t work.” Tina snaked her arm around Andie’s head and titled it up, “Sshhh…everything will be over soon.” Then out of nowhere Tina’s canines enlarged in to two gleaming fangs.

Andie gasped and squirmed beneath her sister’s hold but it was no use.

“What the hell!? N-no I can’t die! I just barely graduated I can’t die!!!”

“Get off me!!!” Out of nowhere Andie felt a sense of power overcome her and she shoved her sister away harshly, and sent her flying into the food table.

Everyone gasped and Andie was stunned at her new found strength. She quickly bent down to get her necklace and then scurried off.

“Get her!” Someone cried and her family raced after her.

Andie kicked off her heels and stumbled through the entrance of the mansion, she looked around, “Crap I shoulda brought my car!”

The girl sped off once again, not caring or even feeling the sharp rocks beneath her slash her feet.

Andie continued down the large cemented drive-way, both fear and adrenaline pumping through her system. Suddenly she felt a hold around her waist.

“Ah! Let me go!” Andie jerked away, and kicked her feet up and down as her captor carried her away.

“Andie sssh!” Her captor urged and placed his hand over her mouth.

“Mff!” Andie muffled and squeezed the hand over her mouth; she turned her head back and saw Riley.

“Riley?” She said, her voice being subdued of course.

He peeled his hand off of her, “Don’t worry I’m not gonna hurt you.”

She arose, “How do I know that?”

Riley arose as well, and Andie stepped back, “Well, I suppose you’re right. You don’t know. You’re scared, alone, and completely unable to trust anyone right now. And then I come along, someone you’ve never met, someone you’ve never even seen in your life…”

Riley suddenly disappeared, Andie gasped as he appeared in back of her. “Well, after this you’ll see whether or not you can trust me.”

Andie felt a sudden pressure hit her; the girl stumbled forward and fell to the ground. Her vision grew hazy, her eyes’ last image being Riley as he picked her up and placed her into the car.

The End

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