A Phone Call

Kelly coasted her motorcycle to a stop a few feet from the railroad tracks. Tall grasses shrouded most of her view. From the other side of the tracks, acres of woodlands stared back at her.

This is where the guy on the phone had said to meet. He’d also told her that nobody was who they seemed. Trust no one.

If she hadn’t been stalked with her own camera, terrorized in her apartment, and just seen her dead best friend zip off in a sporty little red car, she’d have been able to write that phone call off as loony. But since all the above did apply….here she was.

She swung down the kickstand, stood, and took off her helmet. The sweet breeze of the afternoon lifted away some of the mugginess from the helmet. The puttering sound of an airplane passed overhead in the clear blue sky. It mostly disguised the sound of someone swishing towards her in the tall grass.


Kelly pulled a can of mace from the lower pocket of her cargo pants. Before she could lift and point it, someone stayed her arm.

She looked up to see the man who’d run from Fiona. His hair was cut close, but not as short as the stubble working its way around his jaw and full lips. “That would be a bad idea.” He said.

“Let go of me.” She pulled back.

He complied, nearly sending her backwards over the bike. Kelly straightened herself up, but kept the distance between them. “What do you want? Did you take those pictures of me?”

Instead of responding, he seemed to be looking at his hand, then studying her. “We don’t touch – It’s not.” He looked at the ground, then up at her. “Where I come from they only take males, no females. I’ve never touched a woman before... They say you don’t like it. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

"No, you just scared me. Now you're creeping me out."

"I'm sorry. The Three are looking for you and we have to move quickly."

"The Three?"

"They're very powerful creatures from-"

"Okay, that's enough from the crazy man." Kelly swung one leg over her bike. She kept her eye on him. A first class whack job who was probably stalking her. And now she was alone with him. Real smart, Kelly. She readied her can of mace, also preparing to start her bike.

He seemed to understand her intention. But before either of them did anything, a beeping noise came from under his jacket.

His face pulled back in alarm and he hastily pulled out a small device from his shirt pocket.  “No, no, not now.” He thrust the device back in his pocket. “They’ve found me. Which means they’ve found you. We have to go.”

The End

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