She got in the car.

The moment she got in the car, she felt cold metal against one side of her head and then lost consciousness. The car whizzed past downtown, the familiar streets where she lived, the neighborhood stores....all left behind. It moved steadily at a rapid pace towards the countryside till it finally came to a stop near an old abandoned house with a barn. Someone carried her into the barn and dumped her on the floor unceremoniously. Quick steps then walked out, the door creaked shut and then a key turned in the lock, and the steps faded away.

She came to consciousness in the pitch dark, her mind felt fuzzy & muddled. She tried to sit up and found herself gagged and her hands and feet all tied up by ropes. As she lay there in the dark she tried to clear the confusion in her mind to figure out why the heck was all this happening to her? who could want her to suffer like this and for what purpose? Who exactly was it, who knew about her and Mike?

As she lay there silently agonizing over her plight, she heard voices.....a deep throated voice of a man which wasn’t familiar to her and the other was that of a woman’s with a cockney accent. The door opened, and the light of a lantern shone through. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

" She’s still out Andreas" the woman said out aloud as she kneeled besides her. " Should we make that call to that ex-husband of hers? " 

" Not yet , Delilah" replied Andreas." I want to see if we can exhort some money out of her first"

The End

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