It's empty.

It's empty, Kelly thought to herself, confused.  Why would someone leave an empty envelope at my door?

She was still confused but she was, at least, calming down a bit.  The absurdity of it all had chased the fear from her mind.  She turned the envelope over in her hands.  It was just a plain, white standard sized envelope with nothing written on it, front or back.

Kelly stood up from the couch and made her way into the kitchen, to the garbage bucket.  Just as she was about to crumple it up and throw it away, however, a tiny, square slip of paper fluttered from the open end of the envelope and floated to the floor.

Kelly stared at it on the floor.  I must have missed it in my panic, she thought to herself.  She threw out the envelope and then bent over to pick up the paper.  It was very small, only about the size of a stamp.  The upturned side was blank; she turned it over.  On the other side, in miniature writing were some letters and numbers.  It was hard to make out but after staring at it for a minute or two, Kelly figured it out:  An address...

The End

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