A Note On The Doorstep

She whirled around, looking for the source of the flash of light.  There was nothing there.  She must have imagined it.  Thoughts of a mysterious photographer had made her jumpy.  Her heart was pounding ferociously.  Still clutching the phone, she approached the door feeling quite nervous.

"Hello?" she called out, finally summoning a little courage.  No response.

Drawing in a shaky breath, Kelly unlocked the door and pulled it open.  There was no one there.  What's going on?  She looked around her porch, up and down the street.  She was about to go back inside when a bit of white caught her eye.  There was an envelope on her doormat.

Stooping down, Kelly snatched it up and glanced around.  Perhaps the person who'd left it was hiding in her neighbour's hedges.  She felt a chill run up her spine and darted back into her house, slamming the door and locking it again.

She sat on the sofa, envelope in hand, trembling.  Who could this be from?  Who would leave a note on my doorstep?  Kelly was scared.  Really scared.  For the first time since she'd moved out of her parents' house, she wished she wasn't alone.  She considered calling one of her friends to come over to keep her company, but she's afraid that if the photographer was really hiding outside her friend might be in danger.

When the trembling finally subsided and her heart stopped feeling like it was trying to escape her rib cage, Kelly eyed the note in her hand.  Without pausing to think about it, she ripped it open.

The End

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