Kelly Called the Police

She slammed the phone down in anger. They had been no help to her except to tell her that next time put a lock on her tent zip, to which was added profuse giggling in the background.

    Kelly looked back at her computer, something caught her eye. There was a final thumbnail. Slowly she sat down and stared at the screen, unsure what to do. She was suddenly aware that her heel was tapping the floor nervously.

    Kelly grabbed the mouse and then clicked the thumbnail. Immediately she closed it, feeling sick to her stomach. Her mind couldn't even comprehend what she had just seen. Who could be sick enough to take a picture of themselves doing that to her? Her mind raced for the answer. Nothing.

    Her ex-boyfriend was a spineless loser who had no life and no prospects of a life. He withered under her glare, he would never be able to pull something like this off no matter how much she had embarrassed him.

    She couldn't think of anyone but she did find something interesting. The more she thought about it, the more she found that she had a lot of enemies. Mostly men, or women who dated men she slept with when she fancied.

    A beeping on her computer interrupted her thoughts. She had new mail. She checked the address: She slit her eyes and then clicked on the e-mail labelled untitled:


                                              Enjoy the pictures?


                                                                                 A Friend

The End

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