The Phone Rang

Jolted, she grabbed her cell phone. "Unknown Caller", the caller id said. "Hhhhello.." she said weakly.

"Listen to me very carefully, Kelly. You're in danger." a hoarse voice said. "In exactly 2 minutes, your apartment will lose power. I want you to grab your camera, cell phone and your wallet, and exit the building right away. Quickly take the fire escape stairs down and cross the street. Don't stop or talk to anyone. Walk fast, but don't run. You will find a white Camry with the license plate "644RYZ" waiting for you outside Starbucks. Get in and you will be safe."

"Bbbut... who are you? What is this about?"

"Do as I say if you want to live. I repeat - no matter what, don't turn back or stop to talk to anyone. Not even your neighbours across the hallway, or your boyfriend Mike who is walking down the street towards your building as we speak."

"Mike? How do you know Mike? Who are you?"

"You have 45 seconds" Click. The call ended.

She peered down the window of her fourth floor. Mike, her boyfriend of the last six months was walking on the street towards the building. He saw her, smiled and waved at her.

Why should I trust an anonymous caller? Who was he? Where was he? How did he know her? How did he know Mike? Was he watching her at the moment? Was he the one who took those pictures? Her mind was racing fast. She hesitated. Her backpack from the camping trip was still lying on the bed. She unplugged the camera, put it in her backpack and put on her shoes. Just then, the lights went out. Just like the caller said.

Feeling a chill down her spine, she stepped out of her apartment. She walked straight to the fire escape and climbed down the stairs towards the alley. "Kelly!" she heard a voice far down the hallway. It was Mike. Should she stop? No. I must be crazy! Wait. I have no idea what I'm doing! She said to herself and walked fast down the stairs.

She crossed the street. There was the White Camry parked outside Starbucks. The car's door opened. "Get in, quick" - the driver said.

The End

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