Broken Peace

The sun rose over the calm household, the gentle settling of the house under the rising heat waking the inhabitants with sensitive hearing. Meaning, everyone in the house.

A brief second later, a hysterical scream brought everyone wide awake and racing upstairs to see Tala burst out of her room, furiously yelling for Jayred.
"Jayred!! What the hell is going on?!"

Jay opened his door, hastily wrapping a towel round his waist and shaking the moisture from his hair. He was confronted by Tala on the landing as she once again ran across to a mirror.
"What is the matter with you?!" he bellowed angrily. She spun again and scowled at him. He scanned her, trying to see if there was something physically wrong. Her bare feet, pyjama bottoms, tank top, bare arms, long silver hair, gold eyes... There was nothing-


"Why are you yelling?" Conan stopped wide eyed as Tala turned to face him.
"Why is your hair silver?"
"Can everyone please stop yelling?" Eva's calm voice cut through the tense atmosphere as Tala snarled at everyone in hitting range. "What is wrong, Tala?"
"Someone's dyed my hair!"
"And made it grow? No one has been near you since last night. And anyway, even if we could dye your hair, what about your eyes?"
"What about my eyes?"
"Tala, your eyes are gold." She ran across to the mirror again and suppressed another shriek. She turned to face Jay, her golden eyes showing her worried confusion.
"Jay, what's going on?"
"Hmmm. I'm not sure Tala. Can everyone sort themselves out and come down to the kitchen?"

Tala growled and slammed her door shut. A few seconds later, her shower started. Conan shared a look with Jayred and softly followed Eva to their room.


The End

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