*Sam’s POV*


I watched as Tala took the hand of the boy and let him pull her off the bench over the short distance to the edge of the quad and through the bushes. She was laughing. 

The crowds of teens around me slowly melted away as I found myself wandering down to the emptiest part of the building. The soft ring of my footsteps was the only sound I could hear, a sound I was well used to by now. I knew that I would be going home to an empty household again tonight, as mum and dad were both working. So there was nothing for me to do.

I wish that I could go over to Tala’s again. I want to talk to Jayred about some stuff, I’ve only just found out that he’s a psychiatrist; maybe he can help me with some of my problems.

What a load of rubbish! A voice inside my head murmured. You know you only go over there to see Tala.

That’s not true.

Liar! You can’t stop thinking about her, even if she lies about everything to you.

I sighed and pulled myself onto a high windowsill. That was the truth inside my head, every time I speak to Tala, it’s like she’s hiding something from me. And it hurts.

My phone starts buzzing and I pull it out of my pocket.

One message from Mum. Urgh, I grimace, wagering to myself that it’ll say that she and dad have to stay in the city for a few nights and will I be okay by myself.

Ha, I really do know her well. They have to stay in for three days, and I have to work something out. I’m used to it, she doesn’t realise how much I actually want her to be here to be a proper mum. But I don’t ever say stuff like that. She’s happy thinking that I’m okay here while they spend most of their lives at work.

I send her back a text telling her that its fine and I’ll get some more shopping in.

So much for normality.

The End

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