“So, who was that?”

“Alaric is Jay’s friend’s son. They’re staying for a while.”

“What’s wrong?”



I knew he didn’t want to talk so I smiled to myself and followed him to the school.




I turned to see who was calling my name. Peyt was walking towards me, smile on his face and no sign of his brother or sister.
“Peyt. How are you?”

“Good, actually, I wanted to ask you something.”


I looked to Sam, who was watching Peyt mistrustingly. He looked down at me.

“I’ll see you in class, Sam.”

“Yeah.” He walked away, anger clear in the line of his shoulders. I sighed as I watched him knowing that I’d have to find out what was wrong.


Peyt smiled again as I turned back and gestured with his hand for me to walk towards the benches by the far wing of the quad. I passed easily through the crowds, aware of Peyt following me. I climbed onto the table top, propping my feet on the seat. He sat by my feet so he could look up into my face.


“What are they like?”
“The Vamps? Normal, I guess.”


“What did you expect? Hanging upside down from the rafters? Bloodied remnants left everywhere?”


He laughed with me, leaning on my legs lightly.


“So what?”

“Tala, wanna run with me?” he grinned, a wide glowing schoolboy grin, and held out his hand. Unable to resist, I took his hand and let him pull me off the seat and down through the thick bushes.

The End

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