"What, Tala?"

"Some one here to see you."

Jayred padded through the doorway, carrying a basket of clothes. He smiled and put them on the table when he saw us.

"Peyt? How's your family?"

"They're fine, Betamale."

"Jayred, please. I haven't seen you in a while."

"I've been in excellent health. But enough pleasantries, my father has urgent wish of your word, Jayred."

"I will do what I can for him."

"The vampires must not hunt while they are here, Jayred."

"They know the rules, Peyt. They will not unveil us. So, you can give my assurances to Alpha that nothing untoward will happen while my friends are in town."

Peyt grinned, his serious expression giving way to relievment.

"Thank you, Jayred." 

I sigh from where I am downing juice and kicking off my shoes. Peyt turns to me.

"And thanks to you, Tala."

"For what? We all would aid Alpha anyway we could."

"Thanks for a challenging run. I haven't met anyone yet who could beat me in a race."

"You were following me. It wasn't a race."

"Phuft! I got your scent tracks after a few minutes. You were definitely racing."

I smile at him and catch Jayred rolling his eyes from behind him. He taps Peyt on the shoulder, jingling his car keys.

"I'll give you a lift back, Peyt."

"Bye, Tala. I'll see around."


The End

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