"Tala, can I come to your house tonight?"

"Sorry, Sam but Jay's got some friends coming over. House is going to be packed."

"Oh, okay."

I know what everyone out there is thinking. Alright, I've gotten used to him being around. He's ... Interesting. In all senses of the word, like when I had ripped a hole through his jacket because I was angry, he showed up with a bar of Galaxy and an apology for making me get upset.

Jayred is thrilled about him as well. He says that Sam is good for me. I hesitate to think about the hidden meaning in that sentence. I've opened up enough to let this boy in and everyone has been reaping rewards. 

Well, enough mushy stuff. Jayred's vamp friends are coming down tonight and I have to get home. I wave to Sam as he walks away to the buses.

I am so occupied thinking about it, I walk into someone.

"Watch it!"

"Watch it yourself!"

The girl's scent drifts towards me. Recognition hits both of us.

"Alphapup?" I whisper, shocked. I've never met any of the pack outside of the full moon and it's a massive shock to meet Alpha's younglings.

"Betamale pup."

The girl gives me a smile of recognition and turns back to her siblings, who nod back at me. The eldest boy comes to my side, bending his lanky frame to speak quietly in my ear.

"Is it true Betamale has some vampires visiting him?"

"Yes." I twist my head slightly to look up at him. His pale blue eyes glitter slightly and he motions with his head. I wait as he tells his brother and sister something and unconsciously drop into right flank position.

"Walk next to me or it looks strange."

I lengthen my stride so I can draw level with him.

"When are they getting here?"


"Where's your house? Dad wants me to tell Jayred something."

"Follow me."

I cut into the hedge next to the road, pushing the sleeves of my jacket up so I can push the whippy twigs aside.

He pushed in behind me and smiled as he realised what we were going to do.

"It will be a bit muddy down some of the paths but I'll try to avoid them."

"How often do you come this way?"

"Whenever I need to get home quickly."

"After you."

I shifted my weight and sprinted away from the hedge.

The End

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