Does He Know??

"Tala, are there wolves around here?"

I almost spill my lunch over the floor. Does he know?? How? He looks at me across the table, waiting for my answer. I struggled to keep my face blank as I answer him.

"There might be. Why?"

"I was out in the woods last night and I was almost killed."

I manage to snort disbelievingly.

"Yeah, sure."

"No, it's true. I filmed a bit of it but I've lost my camera."

Jayred had a camera this morning. Did he take it off Sam last night?

"Excuse me but did you just say you saw the wolves last night?"

The boy sitting behind Sam leans over, interest clear on his face. Sam smiles.

"Yeah, they had me on the ground and everything."

"Could've been the werewolves." the boy says jokingly.

"Werewolves?" Sam is wide-eyed in fascination. Good God, he's a 'myth hunter'.

"Haven't you heard the tales?"

"No, I just moved."

"Well, legend says that this town has always been the home of a werewolf pack. Every full moon, you can hear their enraged howls as they come from the woods to hunt their unsuspecting prey."

"It's an old rumor." I snap. "No truth in it what so ever. No-one has died from an animal attack in years."

"Who says they kill them? Maybe they are recruiting for their army."


"So they can destroy the vampires who hunt them."

I resist the urge to bang my head on the table. There haven't been any vampires here for decades! He's dredging up ancient history now.

"I haven't heard of any vampires in ages."

"They're out there somewhere, waiting for the moment when they can swoop in and destroy their enternal foe, the werewolves."

Hmm, this boy isn't a bad story teller actually.

"I'm going."

I stand up with my tray and put it on the trolley before striding from the caf. I head outside and sit on one of the old picnic benches so I can call Jayred.

The End

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