Back To School

Sam's POV

I didn't walk Tala to school after all. Jayred dropped us off at the gates. Man, he has a nice car.

"So, what'dya do last night?"

"Went for a meal out."

I can tell she doesn't want to answer me but I've always been called stubborn. And foolish. I don't say anything for a moment, simply admiring her midnight blue hair. Ohh, that's interesting! Blue hair!

"Where did you get your hair done? I've always wanted to die my hair purple."

She stops and gives me a look that should have ripped out my spine but only fascinates me more. Tala is so prickly and withdrawn here but I can tell that there's something else about her. Something that draws me in, like animal magnetism.

We reach the first classroom and she instantly heads towards the table at the back. I follow her, quietly insistent that I am going to sit next to her. The teacher comes in and hands out workbooks, telling us to work quietly.

I am content now to just let Tala work. It's reward enough to watch her as she scribbles out answer after answer in her graceful scrawl. I remember how she looked when I first saw her.

Her hair fell around her face in a heavy curtain, moving slightly in the wind coming from the open window. She glanced up momentarily and I catch a glimpse of her beautiful face and serious eyes. Her eyes are grey and are filled with emotion. Well, that's what I can see in the brief second she glances up.

When she looks up at me again, her eyes are blank and featurless, but for a small glimmer of sadness. I instantly want to wrap her in my arms and cuddle her until she smiles. I wonder what her smile is like.

I see a fleeting smile later, when she runs from the building yelling her thanks over her shoulder. I love how my name sounds on her lips.

Then, I get to met her family. If you can call it that. That house was amazing and Jayred was just so... genuine.  Like he was actually interested in my life. What is he to Tala? Parent? No, he's too young to be a parent. Brother? No, that doesn't feel right. Friend? It fits and that's what he told me but there was something else to it, like it wasn't the whole truth.

I'll have to ask Mum and Dad about him.

The End

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