Ready for School?

"Do I have to go today, Jayred?" I whine over the mess of cereal packets and toast crumbs. He sighs into his mug of tea, liquid of the Gods, and shakes his head.

"No. You need to go to school."

"Fine." I slide out of the chair, landing with a thud on the polished wood floor. I pull on my converse's and jacket, I always wear highest quality even though no-one will notice, and swing my bag up onto the table so I can sort out the explosion of papers that currently resides there.

Jayred tuts as a massive wad of paper falls to the floor. I can feel a slightly panicy look on my face as I hurriedly shove loose sheafs into folders and notebooks. The front of the bag flops and I dive for it but pens scatter across the top.

The doorbell rings and Jayred hurriedly goes to answer it to avoid laughing at me. I wrestle with my things until I hear a familiar voice.

"Hiya Jayred. Can I walk Tala to school?"

"NO WAY!" I can't help myself sometimes.

The End

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