Jayred's POV.

Smirk on my face, I answer the door. A boy with black hair and shining green eyes looks up at me, slight worry on his face. My eyebrows shoot up my forehead before I can get in control and lower them to normality.

"Er... Does Tala live here?"

I smile reassuringly.

"Yes, she does. I am Jayred, her ...friend."

"Pleased to meet'cha, Jayred. I'm Sam."

"I asume you are the one who is returning her bag?"

"Yeah. It weighs a ton."

He nudges the bag by his feet. I bend to pick it up and casually extend my arm, inviting him inside. He shuffles in, rubbing his hands together.

"Ta, mate. It's freezing today."

"There is a certain briskness in the air. I find it more welcome than the heat, though."

He laughs slightly as I lead him into the kitchen. Tala's juice carton's are still on the counter top so I sweep them into the bin as I light the gas beneath the kettle. I can tell that Sam is staring around in open admiration.

Personally, I do not find our house that impressive but people have told me I am lucky to live here.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Oh. Yes please."

"Is tea alright? It's all I've been drinking recently."

"Tea's fine."

Overhead, I can hear Tala's annoyed footsteps. She must be listen to us. I hand Sam his drink and fold myself onto a stool opposite him, leaning across the breakfast bar.

"So, when did you move here?"

"How'd you know I'd moved?"

"Tala has never mentioned you up to this point and the first thing she told me about you was that you are 'a bloody nuisance'."

"Oh." he looks crestfallen.

"Relax. If she noticed you enough to say anything about, then she finds you interesting."


He looks so happy, I can't help but laugh. He grins back and slurps from his mug. Vaguely, I hear something smash upstairs. Sam must of heard it to as he jumps and looks up at the ceiling.

"Don't worry. Tala is probably just breaking up my picture frames."


"She does it when she is angry with me. I've lost count of the money I've spent on frames to this date."

He smiles guiltily and then jumps out of his seat as he notices the time.

"Oh God. My parents are gonna be so worried!"

"Do you want a lift?"

"I don't want to put you out. I'll walk."

"Nonsense. I need to get some shopping in. Where do you live?"

"Thanks, Jayred."

The End

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