Jayred and Home

Did I really say that? Did I really thank this strange boy and trust him to bring my things?

Apparently so.

The door slams as I leap through it.

"Jayred! I'm back!"

Jayred silently walks from the sitting room into the kitchen, where I am sucking down apple juice by the carton. He frowns slightly when he sees me, I know drinking from the carton drives him mad so I roll my eyes at him and point to my very muddy shoes, which I discarded by the door when I came in.

He tuts at me.

"How did you come? Through the woods?"

"What do you think, Jay?"

I watch him scrub the excess mud off them and put them in the washing machine as I stop inhaling juice and put the carton away. I smile at him and turn to pad upstairs.

"Tala. Where is your bag?"

I wince. I was hoping for him not to notice. As if. Jay notices everything. I turn back to face him.

"I left it in my locker?"


"Someone is dropping it off later."

"Really? Who?"

"A bloody nusiance."

"A boy, then?"

I sigh. Surprisingly, Jay's face splits into a wide grin.

"What are you smiling at?"

"A boy who is persistant enough to annoy you. I want to met him."

I can hear footsteps on the gravel outside.

"Well, here's your chance."

I flee up the stairs and lock myself in the bathroom.

The End

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