In the hall, I struggle away from him to walk by myself. He raises his eyebrows but withdraws until only his hand is resting on my shoulder. I can't be bothered to shake it off because my head is still spinning slightly.

Hang on. I shouldn't be this shaken up by a simple boy, who's name I have yet to hear. He jumps as I wheel on him.

"What's the date?!"

"The 15th. Why?"

I ignore him and pull out my phone, hitting number one on the speed dial.

"JAY! It's tonight!"

"Calm down. I know what the date is, just get home on time and I can sort everything out."

"Thank you." I breathe, practically melting with relief. I return my phone to my pocket and rub my hands together in nervous shock. I then feel a gentle pressure on my shoulder and I remember the boy who had just dragged me from the classroom.

"What was that about?"

"Family stuff. But it's fine now and we can go back to our lesson."


"Huh?" Did he seriously just disagree with me?

"I said that I'd take you to the nurse and that's where you are going."

He grabs my elbow with rather impressive strength for a skinny, teenage boy and proceeds to lead me to the nurse's office. 

The End

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