Not So Alone

Kelly felt refreshed as she lugged her bags and equipment into her small apartment.  A weekend camping trip was just what she had needed to shake the stress off her shoulders from her regular life.

It had been so relaxing to be out among the trees, sleeping underneath the stars, and breathing in the crisp mountain air.  She went by herself, the way she preferred it.  She could appreciate her surroundings all the more without distractions from anyone else.

Now she had to pack away her tent and camping supplies, and wait for another scarce weekend before she could sneak away from the mundane.

After she had cleaned herself up, she grabbed her camera from her bag and made her way over to the computer in the corner of her small living room.

Plugging the camera in, she sat and waited for the pictures to load, anxious to recapture her trip.

The first few she had taken was of the campsite, a small clearing between the trees, close to the edge of a lake so she could go fishing if she wanted.  The next few were of the scenery, the beautiful mountains looming behind her and the trees, extending for what seemed like miles up into the air. 

She continued to scan through them but stopped abrubtly when she got towards the end.  She stared at the computer screen, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

The picture was of herself, in her tent...sleeping. 

Kelly didn't take her eyes from the screen.  It was her.  She was bundled up in her university sweater that she loved so much and nestled down into her sleeping bag that she had just finished packing away minutes ago.

She clicked the next picture.  It was another of herself, sleeping peacfully.  This time the photographer was closer; only a few inches from her face.

Kelly jumped up from her computer chair and ran to the door, locking it as quickly as she could.

The End

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