Not Safe

Think 'Blair Witch Project', but with different characters, not filmed by the actors, and not filmed. (Nor are there actors...)
There are some slight differences, but it's literally like a book sequel :)


This story starts with a legend. Let me warn you now, this legend is not for the faint hearted, and neither is this story, so if you get scared easily, I beg that you put this book down and forget about it. I’ve warned you now, so I can’t be blamed…

The legend is about a witch. Nobody knew her name, but everybody knew her. Especially round her territory; she haunted the woods of Epping. Nobody saw her –well, nobody who escaped.

No one ever went into Epping Forest after the first…time. Not since the poor young Harry Page. It was summer when he went missing; his favourite time of the year; the time when the sun was blaring and the air was hot; when everything was beautiful and perfect, but also the time for his birthday. The sixth of June, 1966. This legend happened on his birthday, in 1972. He was only six years old.

He’d left his home without his parents knowing to take a short little walk in the woods behind his house. Epping Forest…

As he walked he started to feel tired, so he decided to walk back. Turning around, darkness washed his vision away. He could feel and hear and smell, but he couldn’t see. He felt hands on his ankles dragging him forcefully deeper into the forest. He could hear himself screaming, but also another girl’s cries. She sounded young. He could smell burning and an earthy smell that was very unpleasant.

He pleaded with his captor, but to no avail. The person –probably man- had not said a word at all. The darkness was terrible, but poor little Harry didn’t know how to get out of it. Tears flooded from his midnight blue eyes, running down his red cheeks.


After a few minutes, he could feel hard ground, like wood. The person dragging him let him go, but when Harry tried to run, he couldn’t. Something wouldn’t let him move. The darkness still blinded him, and he gave up trying. He just fell to the ground, crying. He could still hear the girl’s screams though.

The same hands grabbed him by the ankles again, and after a small time he started feel the he was being dragged down some sort of slope. And then he felt the stairs. He was getting dragged down the stairs. The girl’s screams got louder and higher, but they were cut off after every second.

When the stairs ended, the children were dragged along for another few feet, and then the blindfolds were slipped from their eyes. They were in a small dark room. There were no windows, and the floor was covered in dust and dirt. Pieces of broken wood were scattered around everywhere. Harry looked over to the girl, who had tears streaming down her face.

Her hair was brunette and fell straight to her shoulders. She had tiny blue eyes that were framed by long wet eyelashes. Her cheeks were red, and her bottom lip jutted out. She was wearing a flowery pink dress that was covered in dirt. She clutched her knees which were pulled up to her chin.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted Harry’s thoughts.

“You will both do exactly as I say.” The voice was gruff, but metallic. It could’ve been man or woman. Harry’s mind was contradicting itself. He wanted to run, but he wasn’t allowed.

“Boy!” the voice shouted angrily. Harry’s head turned quickly to the sky.

“Face the wall.”

Harry did so. He faced the wall, and waited for his time to come. He heard the young girl screaming, louder and louder. He heard squelching sounds, a muffled gasp, and then silence.

“Come to me.” The voice said. Harry turned to meet his horrible fate.


Many children went missing that year. It was always the same. Two kids, one faced away while the other was killed, and then the other was killed as well. The bodies were always found in the shape of an ‘X’.

After a few years, the police had given up, and everything official about the incidents had been forgotten. But the legend still lives on.

The End

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