Not Only In My Dreams

I yawn as conciousness seeps back into my mind. I fight it off, trying to recapture the peacefull dream I was in. I keep my eyes closed and my breathing slow, focusing on retaining the wisps of the deam I still had.

I could still feel my dream. I had been in his bed, laying beside him. His arms were wrapped around my fragile body in a tight, comforting embrace. My body was pressed tight against his. I could feel the heat from his body warming my always-cold skin. I pulled his arms tighter around me, squeezing them across my torso. I loved this feeling. The feeling of being safe, of being secure, of being wanted.

I twisted in his arms, and he let me. He was awake and had been for longer than me. Yet even though I knew this, I still showed shock on my face to see him smiling at me. With his arms still drapped all around me, I wrapped my arms around him. Every morning, when I saw this face, I thanked God for sending me such a beautiful angel. I'd told him time and again about this, so the blush that crept into his cheeks at seeing my smile was because he knew I was once again thanking our Lord.

He breathed words against my face, his breath was warm and familar. It didn't matter what words he was saying; I knew they were full of love and compassion and that was what truely mattered. I stopped his words with a kiss. I couldn't help myself. A bubble of joy rose in my chest and that was the fastest and easiest way to let him know.

Our lips meeting was when my conciousness had returned. I tried to move, but found myself held securly in place. Unwillingly, I opened my eyes. I glanced around the room. It was familiar yet new. I looked down at my waist and then behind me. The angel I had been dreaming of was sleeping beside me. I sank back down next to him. I wore a ring of gold on my finger; a simple symbol of our love. I rested my head, smiling to myself. I finally had my angel in my arms, not only in my dreams.

The End

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