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A short story about the worst job in the world.

This simply a short joke about the worst job in the world.

I recently asked a group of people about what the worst job was. I was given a wide varity of answers, among them were plumber, sewer maintinance man and of course all the Dirty Jobs. Curtasy of Mike Roe.

I was also given a small amount of funny answers. the most recent one was the tissue, that does seem like a bad job. Getting snot all over your self, trying to do the best job you can, trying not to irratate the boss. Then after all the trouble you go through, you get crumpled up and thrown away like a dirty rag. Well i guess thats exactly what you are.

To answer this I asked another qustion, how do you expect the toilet paper to feel?

Haha, i know it was a bad joke.

The End

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