Not Named

The doors flew open, a gust of wind flew into the room, and silence filled it once they shut again. Ten eager men stood in the plaza, armed and ready. All the people in the room stopped to look at the men; they were the buildings security. "We heard there has been a breach on floor 50, section B-1. Do a lock down on all floors, I also need you to call in back-up and make sure no one leaves this building!" shouts the commander into his headset. "Roger!" replied the soldier with haste. "Alright, you people here don't leave. Merc, Jackel; you two guard the people here and report any suspicious activity among them, the intruder could even be hidden amongst them.


The Commander gathered the rest of his men and took the elevator to floor 50 to deal with the problem himself. "Alright men, we will try to stop this breach ourselves, lock and load!" Spoke the commander and they ran into the room. When they reached the 50th floor all they could see was blood and the slaughtered corpses of dead security guards everywhere. "What in the name of hell…" muttered the commander as he and his men paced throughout the room. What the commander saw was gruesome, and the worst was yet to come. “Men, cover this room, I am going on to kill this bastard myself!" When he turned around, all of his comrades lie dead on the floor. “No... Come out! I’m going to kill-“Next thing the enraged commander felt was a warm trickle of blood roll down his throat. On the brink of death the commander tried to frantically escape the clutches of his demise, but when he turned around he saw the man, the intruder. He was no man, he was a demon in the shadows; an assassin.


 "I believe you have something I want.” gently whispered the assassin in a hushed tone. He slipped his hand into the commander’s vest and took out the keycard to access the 100th floor. "Now you can sleep… Let your passing be peaceful." With that the assassin swung his blade back into its sheath; beheading the commander. The assassin stepped into the elevator, his mind filled with all of his useless thoughts; his emotions, cold and empty. He knew he had to finish what he started to set his mind at ease.


The corporation would learn to fear him after this, they would pay for everything. The assassin's name was Kiyoshi, a name he had kept from before this life, before this despair. The elevator doors flew open and he rushed into the room, it was an empty clean room, filled with white and orange walls, modern art hung on them. "Hello" Said a shallow voice from the end of the room. A tall skinny figure stood from the main desk at the end of the room. It was not the vice president, but someone else. "I know your here to kill the vice president, but I can't let you do that, he is far from here by now, now it’s just you and me" said the man. "Tell me where he is and I will let you live!" replied Kiyoshi "Well" said the man we will have to see if you can kill me first" and with that the man dashed towards Kiyoshi drawing a elegant crimson sword, his long black hair flowing in the air behind him, he then jumped and slashed fiercely at Kiyoshi, but Kiyoshi quickly blocked the attack, seamlessly blocking the hit. "Fast reflexes eh?" said the man. "We shall see if you can keep up, shall we dance?" With that the man flicked out a remote and pressed a button, a classical piano piece played in the background as the battle carried on. The battle was getting fierce, Kiyoshi did not know if he could keep up with this man’s amazing skill with the sword. Kiyoshi thought "I can't win this" He backed towards a large window in the back of the room while still blocking the hits the man was dealing on him. "Well" said Kiyoshi, now his back to the window, "I came here to kill someone, and that person is not you, I am growing tired of your games", and with that he did a back flip and busted through the window, glass flying in all directions, the man stood in amazement as the assassin flew out the window. But now Kiyoshi was falling....and he was 100 floors up. As he fell, freefalling, feeling the cool air on his face, he realized he had to think of how to not die, he couldn't die now; he made a mistake jumping out of the window. But he almost forgot about his grapple hook, he swung it out and hooked it on one of the buildings ledges. He swung up and caught hold of the ledge, then pulled himself up.

Once he was up, he broke through the window and ended up in what seemed to be a hallway. He looked up at the wall which displayed “Floor 50”. “I need to leave this building before more guards come” he thought. He ran down the seemly endless white hall, the faint sound of the buildings alarm going off in the background. Once he reached the end of the hall he was in a large white lobby with two elevators and a large screen TV in between them on the wall with the buildings emergency escape map displayed on it. He pressed the elevator button and waited. The doors opened and he got on and pressed the first floor lobby button. The elevator was glass and from it you could see the city of Vancouver in all its glory. The city was filled with a bright neon glow of tall buildings, but he could not enjoy the view for long, he had to get ready for a fight. The lobby would probably be filled with the buildings security. He pulled out a Type 01 Batsu Tactical Assault Pistol and loaded it. He held it tight and got ready. The doors opened and a spray of enemy fire flew out at him, he did a run and dive and took cover behind a pillar to the right of the elevator. He Started firing, picking off at least two men already. There was at least 40 men in this room, too many for him, he had to make a run for it. “Now or never” he thought to himself and dashed. Thousands of bullets flew past him leaving colorful streaks behind them. He got hit in the leg and stumbled a bit, but had to keep running. He finally burst though the front door of the lobby, the heavy fire from the guard’s guns following him breaking the glass of the lobby door and windows behind him. Outside were the buildings security cars. He jumped into one and tried to start it up. “Oh darn it” he thought, realizing that these cars were only started by a finger print scan. He ducked down and got out of the car, shortly after that the men rushed out from the building and unloaded a few bullets into the car, thinking he was in there. But he was crawling behind the cars. “Oh forget it” he thought, and got up and ran for it, looking for the nearest normal car. He found on in a lot down the road, and he had to be quick, the guards were getting close. He smashed the cars window setting off an alarm, and unlocked it, then started to hotwire it. He finally did it and the car started up with a roar and a musical sound came through the dashboard speakers and a female sounding voice began to speak “Welcome to the 2020 Honda Civic, brought to you by Honda Motors Inc, and Yokohama Tires. Please follow road safety rules, and remember, always drive a Honda.” With that he started to drive and skidded out of the lot with the guards firing at the car. He was out of here. He drove as fast as the car would go, as the speed of the car increased, the female voice came on again “You are currently going past the cities speed limit. Please slow down”. “Whatever” thought Kyoshi. Kyoshi was surprised. The buildings security did not seem to have sent anything after him, there was no airships or vehicles chasing him. Things were too suspicious. He darted through the traffic, and eventually found an exit onto a highway. This was too suspicious, no one has come after him yet, this was a good thing, but odd. Before he knew it he was at the highway tollbooth. This highway would take him out of downtown. He had no tollbooth tickets, so he drove through the tollbooth. He then realized that was a stupid decision, and the highways security alarm went off, making spikes pop out all over the road. His car drove through them, and his tires were destroyed. “Oh jeez” was all he could think before his car lost control and drove into the other lane, heading straight for a oncoming truck. He woke up in the destroyed car with the cars voice going off “Warning, your car is damaged, the cities nearest rescue is on it way, please remain calm”. He passed out.






The End

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