Not Long for a Happily Ever After

She collapses and wakes up 8 months later, fins out her band did great and talks things out for the first time with the man she loves...

Lights were blinding my eyes. The smoke was making it hard to breath. Everything around me started spinning. I could only hear the muffled noises the crowd was making. They were booing us off the stage. I couldn’t move, I could barely stand up without falling. I could feel a hand on my shoulder, but I didn’t turn. I knew it was Loren, the bassist, he was telling me something as he came to stand in front of me, but I couldn’t hear what. I only stared at him blankly; he then realized what’s going on and turned to rest of the band, told them something, quickly picked me up and started leaving the stage. I was slowly passing out, but the last thing I remember were the guys calling out to me: “Angel!” They were worried; I didn’t want them to worry. And then I passed out, the darkness consuming me. I was slowly coming to. I could hear the annoying beeps beside my head. There was a tingling sensation in my hand, it slowly became more realistic and I realized that someone was holding my hand. There was a small kiss on my forehead before I could feel the presence move to leave the room. I started opening my eyes because the noise was making me agitated and I didn’t want to be alone. “Loren” I choked out. My voice was hoarse and my thought hurt too much. Loren stopped and turned around. When he saw me he looked shocked. A whole bunch of emotions went through his facial expressions and then settled on one of pleasant surprise and happiness. He lifted a finger to indicate that he’ll be right back and left the room to calling for doctors and nurses. Soon a doctor came in followed by one of the nurses and Loren. Then the doctor asked me some questions I answered. When he was done they left. That only left Loren and me in the room. I looked at him for the first time. His usually long hair that reached his mid-back was now as long as mine, down to his hips. His tall and lean form was now more masculine and he had a stubble. He hadn’t shaved for a while, but his features were calming. Worried, but calming. And the usually happy twinkle in those green eyes was now gone replaced with the one of pain and worry. He flashed me a smile but I could see through it. I didn’t know anything and it was bothering me. “How long have I been out?” I silently asked him. “For eight months, Angel. You scared the living hell out ‘a me.” He answered just as quiet. I smiled weakly. Eight months, we were in the battle of the bands for the addition for that famous band so we could go on a tour with and I fell in coma. This sucks! “Len, what’s wrong? What happened?” I asked always curious. He just sighed, his hand going up to his head and his long fingers going through his chocolate colored hair. I just watched him, entranced by his graceful movements. Len always had that effect on me but we both knew who had an even bigger one, Lens elder brother, Nate. Nate is a big shot now, a superstar. After all, it was his band we wanted to open the act for, because just like Nate told me I was his puppy and he wanted me there with him along with his friends and little brother. I fell into coma during our five minutes on the stage; I let all of them down. I stopped looking at Len and instead averted my gaze to the sheets I clutched in my small hands. “We went on the tour with them. We were chosen even without you. We just got back last week.” Len stated this quietly. I sighed and took a deep breath so I wouldn’t cry, I couldn’t. Then I heard footsteps, the way the person walked it’s as if their angry. The footsteps stopped in front of my door and I looked up to see Nate himself standing at the door, the scowl on his annoyed handsome face. He just looked at Len than back at me and leaned on the door frame . “Why the long face, pup, I thought you’d be happy to see me.” He stated angrily. His deep voice sending shivers down my spine. He was taller than Len, but not by much. He was masculine, lot more than Len, but not buff and still attractive. His blond hair cut short barely reached his neck and his blue eyes entrancing me completely. Nate pushed himself from the door frame and walked over to me. He glanced at Len and then told him to leave us. Len slowly got up, kissed my forehead again and slowly walked out. “I’ll be back to see you later, kitten.” He said as he left. Nate patiently waited until Len was out and then leaned slowly and pecked my lips. When he backed away he lifted my chin with one of his long and slender fingers. He wanted to look me in the eyes, but I was ashamed and wasn’t ready to do so. “Happy birthday, pup.” He simply stated. I could feel the bed sink, Nate sat down facing me. He leaned closer, I could feel his breath on my face, and it also sent shivers down my spine. I slowly looked up, our noses touching; I looked into his piercing blue eyes, I never wanted to look away. We kept staring at each other for a while, than he looked at my lips, back into mu eyes and kissed me again. This time I kissed back, feeling my body heat up. He stopped kissing me and backed away when the heart monitor started going haywire and chuckled. I just looked at him innocently while he just chuckled, shook his head and kissed my forehead. I liked his smile, whenever he smiled dimples would show up and he looked so adorable. That’s why I fell in love with him when I first met him as a four year old kid. “When can I leave?” I asked him. “Soon, pup. In a day or two.” He answered. Apparently he thought of something because he wanted to show me what it is. “Hey, pup” He called me and I looked up at him “Want to see that tattoo I got for my eighteenth birthday?” He asked. He knew full well I wanted to see it since he was always hiding that part of his chest. Luckily he was wearing a button up shirt first two buttons undone. He slowly reached and unbuttoned his shirt revealing his well toned chest. I immediately wanted to run my hands over them, but I restrained myself. He moved the shirt to reveal my name written on the side over his heart. It was written in elegant curvy letters and it looked beautiful. I gasped, but closed my mouth immediately. I reached my hand and traced fingers over his tattoo, mouth slightly agape. “Thought you’d like it.” Nate stated chuckling. I just looked at him, leaned back on the pillows and crossed my arms over my chest. “What?” He asked defensively. “You liked me that much five years ago?” I asked confused. “Yup.” He answered cheerfully. “Even though I was only fourteen?” I asked again. “I loved you ever since you declared you were going to merry me when we grow up. And every time after that when I asked you to marry me since you were 6 and I was 10.” He answered truthfully. “Wow… Ok… So… When’s the wedding?” I asked now completely confused and caught off guard. “Any time you want” he answered kissing my forehead, “Any place you want” He added kissing my nose, “As long as it’s you and me” He kissed one cheek, “Together forever” He kissed the other cheek, “I love you.” He finished and kissed my lips gently. I giggled like a little girl before kissing him back and replied “I love you too.” And of course Len just had to come in and interrupt us “Took you long enough!” He and both our bands said in union. “Ok, that was weird” I stated calmly and then Nate and I kissed again and knew we didn’t have to wait long for our happily ever after.
The End

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